The exceptional specialists at vConfidence can assist you in addressing the symptoms, discomfort, and pain related to painful urination, which is also known as dysuria. Thankfully, vConfidence Certified Doctors in Austin, TX, are committed to treating dysuria.

What is Dysuria?

Dysuria is known as any uneasiness or pain that comes along with urinating. This can be anything from the mild pain that is not bothersome to excruciating pain while urinating that is troublesome. The symptoms of pain or difficulty while urinating are some of the hardest sensations to deal with for any woman. These symptoms can be discussed with the vConfidence Certified Doctors in Austin, TX. A common cause of dysuria is decreased estrogen levels. When estrogen levels are low, atrophy of the vaginal tissue occurs leading to dysuria. Likewise, urinary tract infections (UTIs) and bladder issues are commonly linked with dysuria. Radiation treatments and cancer drugs for chemotherapy have also been shown to cause dysuria. However, even if the cause of the symptoms is not well defined, it is important to reach out to a doctor if painful urination persists or is significant.

How Does vConfidence Treat Dysuria?

Although urinary tract infections and other common causes of dysuria are known, it is important to visit a healthcare provider to analyze and diagnose your condition since there can be various other causes of discomfort or pain during urination. The underlying cause of dysuria is treated by vConfidence Certified Doctors to help reduce re-occurrences. To understand more about how specialists at vConfidence treat dysuria and prevent the symptoms of pain and discomfort, schedule your consultation now with a vConfidence Certified Doctor in Austin. The procedure, which is done in-office, uses CO2 lasers or radio frequencies to treat your condition. By using a vaginal probe, the specialists deliver a certain amount of energy, which allows for a minute piece of vaginal tissue to be removed. This causes the body to repair itself, which results in cells being stimulated to produce new, healthy tissue in the treated area. Doing this, results in new collagen fibers being produced and increased hydration, resulting in improved vaginal health.

How Many Treatments Are Required?

Three treatments are performed over one week. Each treatment takes less than 10 minutes on average to complete.

Will There Be Any Downtime?

Through a series of three small visits with vConfidence in Austin, dysuria can be treated without downtime. Each of the three treatment sessions requires less than 10 minutes to complete. Also, no needles, surgery, or anesthesia are necessary.

What Are The Results?

Usually, improvement is seen right away after one treatment. The issue is typically completely resolved after a full course of treatment.

vConfidence Certified Doctors in Austin, TX, can always be trusted to treat your symptoms of discomfort, pain, or burning while urination, even if they become problematic. With our treatment, you can tackle your day with confidence without experiencing the troublesome symptoms of dysuria. To arrange your consultation with one of our experts, contact us now. Find a vConfidence Certified Doctor near you.

Dr. Jeffrey Hall is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has been practicing plastic surgery in Austin since 1995. A member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery, he has also served as the President of The Austin Plastic Surgery Society and is former Chief of Plastic Surgery for the Seton Medical Network. Dr. Hall is active at most Austin area hospitals.

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