If you are feeling burning pains when you urinate, you may be suffering from dysuria. If you have these uncomfortable symptoms, you need to see a skilled specialist who can address your vaginal health care needs. You can trust the experts of vConfidence to help you treat your dysuria.

What is Dysuria?

Dysuria makes it hard for people to urinate. The painful symptoms of this condition can range from mild discomfort to severe burning agony.

This health problem has many causes. Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are the most common cause of dysuria. For women, less estrogen production in the body, which leads to weaker vaginal tissues, is another common cause of this condition. Diabetes, bladder problems and cancer treatment programs can also cause dysuria.

You should speak with a certified vConfidence physician if you are a woman who is feeling pain when you urinate. These trained experts can effectively address this uncomfortable health issue.

How Does vConfidence Treat Dysuria?

If you are suffering from a painful case of dysuria, you may be experiencing the symptoms of an underlying UTI. However, there may be something else causing your discomfort, so you should see a competent professional in order to get the correct diagnosis. Certified vConfidence doctors will treat whatever is causing your dysuria and help you to prevent future cases.

A vConfidence professional will address your painful condition by using either fractional CO2 laser or radio frequency treatments. All procedures are performed in- office using devices that they insert into your vaginal canal. You will feel no pain when the device emits energy to simulate the reversal of atrophy within vaginal wall. Fresh cells will create new tissues around the hole as collagen fibers regenerate and restore the moisture and flexibility of the mucous membranes inside your vagina.

How Many Treatments Are Required?

The vConfidence dysuria procedure consists of three separate appointments during the same week. It will only take 10-20 minutes or less to complete the treatment.

Will There Be Any Downtime?

You won’t experience any downtime during your three quick visits to a vConfidence doctor’s office. The treatments only take a few minutes, and they do not involve any needles, surgery or anesthesia.

What Are The Results?

You will feel better almost immediately after your first treatment. When you finish your treatments, your dysuria and other vaginal health problems will go away for good.

If you are having problems with pain or discomfort when you urinate, the vConfidence experts can help you. They will treat your dysuria so that you can confidently live your life without hurting or feeling uncomfortable. Contact our offices now to set up your appointment.

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