Incontinence is a very common problem that many women face. Our experienced vConfidence Certified Doctors in Oklahoma City, OK, offer a variety of non-invasive treatments to help manage or alleviate the symptoms of urinary incontinence and overactive bladder.

What Is Urinary Incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is a condition that prevents your body from being able to hold in urine. After pregnancy and menopause, estrogen production usually decreases. This causes the body to stop regenerating tissue in the muscular structures, which can make the bladder and urinary tract deficient.

Urinary incontinence is also caused by a decrease in collagen production. This often happens after a woman gives birth. Your body has a natural collagen production cycle, but a decline in estrogen can halt this cycle. It can lead to vaginal atrophy, which causes urinary incontinence. A decline in estrogen production can also occur after cancer treatment, trauma, and other life events. There are many situations that can lead to urinary incontinence.

There are several types of incontinence:

  • Stress incontinence occurs when a physical activity causes your bladder to leak.
  • Urge incontinence occurs when you have a strong, sudden need to urinate.
  • Overflow incontinence occurs when you urinate without realizing that you need to urinate.
  • Overactive bladder is a condition that affects the bladder’s storage capacity, which can cause a sudden urge to urinate.

How Does vConfidence Treat Urinary Incontinence?

Our vConfidence experts in Oklahoma City use the Viveve radio frequency device and CO2 fractional laser technology to treat incontinence. These treatments activate the fibrocytes in your vagina’s mucosal lining. Fibrocytes are dormant cells, but our technology converts them into fibroblasts, which produce collagen. As your body naturally creates more collagen, the tissue that controls urination will become revitalized and rejuvenated. The treatment is non-surgical and requires no downtime, and it offers a solution to the underlying cause of the issue.

What Are the Results?

You should notice some symptom relief within the first week after the treatment. To experience the full effects, you should receive three treatments over three months.
Most post-menopausal women struggle with one of the forms of incontinence. Many women between the ages of 20 and 40 also face this issue after giving birth. Incontinence is an inconvenient and uncomfortable problem, but you don’t have to let it affect your life. Our treatment can put a stop to your symptoms and let you resume your normal life. vConfidence Certified Doctors in Oklahoma City, OK, provide treatment for incontinence. Contact us today to find a doctor near you.

Dr. Lori Hansen graduated from the University of Oklahoma Medical School and completed her ENT residency at both the University of Alabama at Birmingham and the University of Oklahoma Medical Center. Dr. Hansen’s medical accomplishments are equally as noteworthy as her achievements and outreach initiatives in women’s issues.

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