In the past, the procedures of vaginal rejuvenation, including labiaplasty or vaginoplasty, included long and painful recovery periods and were the only available options for transforming vaginal appearance. With the development of a revolutionary and innovative medical cosmetic procedure called Intima in Portland, OR, can tighten the vagina without an insidious procedure or significant downtime. This vConfidence procedure that is noninvasive and award winning is the first in the world to safely and quickly restore vaginal flexibility and tone with little or no discomfort. 

What is Intima in Portland, OR?

As a cosmetic laser medical procedure, Intima tightens mild and moderate cases of vaginal looseness. Vaginal laxity can interfere with the way the vagina functions and how it appears. It also affects a woman’s self-esteem and sexual performance. Intima is suitable for women who want to tighten the vagina without the invasive vaginal rejuvenation. Laser vaginal therapies including Intima can also treat urinary incontinence symptoms and other menopause and perimenopause symptoms like vaginal dryness.

Intima uses photo-thermal laser energy to tighten the vagina and strengthen the vaginal muscles. The innovative laser technology encourages the production of new collagen fibers that firm and shrink the vaginal labia and canal from within. Of all the vaginal rejuvenation processes, Intima is rated highly in terms of satisfaction with 95 percent of women undergoing the procedure showing moderate to dramatic improvements in the appearance and function of their vagina.

Benefits Vaginal Rejuvenation Using Intima Laser

The benefits of vaginal rejuvenation using Intima laser include:

  • It is nonsurgical; hence, no incision involved
  • Minimal downtime after the procedure
  • Convenient and quick treatment sessions

Intima Non-Incision Vagina Rejuvenation can efficiently treat:

  • Undesirable changes and damage after childbirth
  • Labia minora asymmetry
  • Vaginal laxity caused by aging
  • Labia minora hypertrophy that is moderate

Vaginal Rejuvenation with Intima in Portland, OR

Intima is a device that is intra-vaginal, and it transmits gentle photo-thermal energy pulses into the vaginal walls to strengthen vaginal muscles, tighten the vaginal canal, and encourage new collagen. This therapy offered by vConfidence Certified Doctors in Portland, OR, is one of the most convenient and quickest vaginal rejuvenation procedures; always requiring less than a five-minute outpatient treatment session and little or no recovery period. Patients should, however, undergo three additional series of Intima treatments at intervals of four weeks for the best results. A touch-up therapy session may also be essential within 12 months to maintain the initial Intima treatment results.

The photo-thermal technology used in Intima that is patent-pending can also increase the flow of blood to the pelvic region and improve vaginal comfort, both of which can restore a woman’s self-confidence and libido.

Is Intima Vaginal Rejuvenation Safe?

Intima is a non-ablative and safe procedure. In fact, the majority of our Portland patients experience a warming and pleasant feeling throughout the procedure.

How Long Do The Results Last From Intima Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Most women experience results that last for up to six months. After the six months, we recommend an extra touch-up treatment to maintain and extend the initial results.

Contact us today for more information on Intima in Portland, OR. We are eager to help you improve your self-confidence and enjoy yourself again. You can easily find a vConfidence Certified Doctor near you in Portland.

Dr. Richard Rosenfield of Pearl Women’s Center completed his residency training at Stanford University Hospital and has been practicing medicine since 2000. He has a great passion for women’s healthcare and his minimally invasive methods to surgical procedures have garnered him a large clientele base and made him well known for his surgical talents.

Dr. Nicholas Fogelson of Pearl Women’s Center has been working as a fellowship-trained gynecologic surgeon and physician since 2005. At Emory University he headed the department’s pelvic pain and endometriosis programs, led ventures to enhance minimally invasive gynecologic surgery, and operated as the Chief of Gynecology at Grady Memorial Hospital. His commitment to innovation and excellence in surgical methods is frequently seen, both in his own work and by those who he has educated and inspired through his practice.

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