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I AM SOOOO HAPPY! 38 and finally back to normal!—San Diego, CA
After my daughters birth I had problems working out. I couldn’t do jumping jacks, I couldn’t jump rope, I couldn’t jump on a trampoline! It was hard to not be able to do the group activities. After the vConfidence procedure I was able to work out with my trainer, I’m able to go to the trampoline park with my step son, I’m able to just feel normal again! The procedure felt like almost nothing, besides the pressure of the probe being inserted, you really don’t feel anything at all. The results are phenomenal!!! I don’t see a reason why any women should not have this!

I’m thrilled to have a provider in my area!
I am thrilled to have found a provider who can help me with these health challenges that are currently extremely underserved! I saw a urologist for two full years to help with stress incontinence, pelvic floor surgery wasn’t guaranteed to help my condition, so I have been hunting to find a procedure that would give me results. I am now 3.5 weeks post first treatment and absolutely blown away by the results. I have seen about a 20% improvement in stress incontinence and about a 50% improvement in intimate feeling. As an added benefit, I am also seeing some cosmetic improvement in the area, which was not my goal but I am now ecstatic, it is a “side benefit”. I see marked

37 year old wanted to stop peeing my pants
Some background, I’m 37, married and have 2 kids (15,9). I developed severe stress incontinence last year. Coughing, sneezing, jumping, running, etc. all made me leak. It was humiliating and I smelled like pee and was tired of wearing pads.
In vagina news, I had that first treatment 1.5 weeks ago and it has made a huge difference. I have sneezed twice without peeing and coughed a bunch with no pee. I chased my dog into the street when he went after a mean dog last week and usually when I chase the dog screaming I totally pee my pants (more than a trickle like a full pee), this time just

I am a breast cancer survivor with issues of…
I am a breast cancer survivor with issues of vaginal dryness. I also at times have some bladder leakage, ie sneezing, or coughing. The CO2RE Intima was quick, and not painful at all (like having a pap smear). I noticed improvement right after the procedure, and I am still seeing signs of more improvement!



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