vConfidence Certified Doctors in Raleigh, NC, provide laser reduction labiaplasty procedures to women who would like to improve the appearance of their labia minora. This highly effective and popular procedure requires no downtime or surgery.

What is Labiaplasty in Raleigh, NC?

The experienced specialists of vConfidence in Raleigh can dramatically improve the look of a large or protruding labia minora so that you can regain your confidence in intimate moments. Typically, women who want a labiaplasty procedure are interested in getting rid of the excess prepuce. This procedure gives women a younger looking and more attractive labia.

How does vConfidence Treat Labiaplasty?

vConfidence Certified Doctors in Raleigh provide women with two treatment options for labiaplasty:

  • Non-Surgical vConfidence labiaplasty – A vConfidence Certified Doctor will rejuvenate skin tissue and improve collagen production with the Intima fractional C02 laser, the Viveve RF device, the Femilift™ or the FemTouch™. This technique will reduce the size of the labia minora and majora without actually removing any tissue. The MonaLisa Touch® laser will not tighten external tissue. Many women prefer this treatment option because it is more affordable and requires no downtime. The MonaLisa Touch® laser does not involve the surgical removal of skin tissue.
  • Surgical vConfidence labiaplasty – This treatment option involves the surgical removal of excess skin tissue. Sutures are strategically positioned in sections of the labia minora. The labiaplasty procedure is performed with a special laser. In order to ensure adequate healing, skin is stapled along the edge of the labia. This treatment option allows women to discreetly treat the concerns that they have about the appearance of their labia and may greatly improve confidence and intimacy.

Will There Be Any Downtime?

The treatment option that uses the Viveve device or the fractional laser does not require any downtime as it does not require surgery. Women can go back to their normal daily routine as soon as the procedure has been completed.

Women who choose the surgical labiaplasty option at vConfidence may experience minimal downtime. There may be swelling or bruising immediately following the procedure that can last for about one week. Each woman’s recovery process depends on her body as well as her unique circumstances. Within 24 hours after the procedure, most women are able to walk around comfortably. After two or three days, women can shower.

What Are the Results?

A labiaplasty procedure at vConfidence can give you amazing results. This customized laser-based technique will dramatically improve the appearance of your labia and requires minimal downtime.

How Does vConfidence Treatment Feel?

For the majority of patients, a labiaplasty procedure at vConfidence is completely painless. During your treatment, a vConfidence Certified Doctor in Raleigh will ensure that you are comfortable.

If you’re ready to regain your confidence and improve your intimate life, schedule a consultation with a vConfidence Certified Doctor to learn more about labiaplasty in Raleigh, NC. Our team of vaginal health experts provides incredible results with little downtime. To schedule a consultation, contact us today. Click here to find a vConfidence specialist in your area.

Carrie Trumbower, NP of Aesthetics by Eileen graduated from Duke University with a master’s and bachelor’s degree in nursing, and from UNC-Chapel Hill with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. She thoroughly enjoys working with women who are motivated on sustaining slender and smooth body contours, as well as younger appearing skin as they experience the hormonal fluctuations that come with aging.

Dr. Celia Mendes of Pure Cosmetic & Surgical Centers is a certified vConfidence doctor specializing in resolving the most troubling symptoms of stress incontinence, laxity, and sexual dysfunction utilizing the latest technology available. Dr. Mendes is passionate about treating and helping her patients regain and maintain their youth, from the inside out.

Dr. Henry Pleasant is the Medical Director of Wake Health Medical Group, and as a vConfidence approved physician, he is committed to empowering women to lead life to the fullest with a range of solutions for all of your feminine desires, needs and challenges.

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