MonaLisa Touch® in Las Vegas, NV, from vConfidence, is the oldest release of all the CO2 products. They allow you to experience rejuvenation and reinvigoration of the vaginal tissue while also treating issues that range from vaginal dryness, atrophy, and urinary incontinence.

What is MonaLisa Touch® in Las Vegas, NV?

Like both, Intima, Viveve, FemTouch™ and FemiLift™, a MonaLisa Touch® procedure encourages tissues in the body to regenerate new collagen production. New collagen production provides tissue support needed to prevent various symptoms such as incontinence, laxity, dryness, and even urinary tract infections. The advanced technology utilized by the MonaLisa Touch® was designed to improve genital mucosa and assist in restoring proper function to the targeted treatment area. A fractional CO2 laser delivers energy into vaginal tissue layers in modified pulses. The shape of the probe is customized to comfortably suit the vagina.

As a non-invasive treatment, no anesthesia or other pain relief is required, and the treatment time is less than 20 minutes. When a woman enters menopause, her mucosa experiences a condition in which the fibrocytes are metabolically dormant instead of being fibroblasts. This means that the tissue is no longer able to create hyaluronic acid and the additional molecules that are necessary to keep adequate water content in the mucosa and connective tissue. Because of nutritional deficiencies, the tissue atrophies. This, in turn, creates additional symptoms of a lack of vaginal health such as a lessening of bladder control and stress incontinence.

How Does the MonaLisa Touch® Work?

The vConfidence procedure with the MonaLisa Touch® (or any of our other devices) promotes the recovery of metabolic activity typical in pre-menopausal women by a new synthesis consisting of collagen and hyaluronic acid as well as additional compounds that help hydration and turgid mucosa of the vaginal walls. This then functions as healthy; younger tissue would. Superficial cells are shed, and the dynamic process of cellular regeneration is triggered. Increased collagen and hyaluronic acid production can help to rejuvenate vaginal walls that have been damaged, whether by early menopause or treatments for cancer. Women of every age have experienced the MonaLisa Touch® ability to reverse vaginal dryness, even within just a few days of the treatment.

How Many Treatments Are Required?

As few as three treatments are required for the MonaLisa Touch® to deliver amazing results. An added bonus is that the treatments are painless and require no downtime.

What Are The Results?

MonaLisa Touch® and our other devices from vConfidence produces results that astound. From complete vaginal remodeling to the re-establishment of tissue that appears younger and feels firmer, and tissues that are deeply embedded with long collagen fibers.

The process of the MonaLisa Touch® in Las Vegas, NV, as well as our other lasers allows patients to once again enjoy their life. Certified vConfidence doctors can provide this novel, minimally invasive treatment with no post-treatment downtime. If you would like to receive more information or are ready to set up your consultation, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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