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Overflow Incontinence?

A cutting-edge solution with no downtime and amazing results.

Nothing takes the romance and adventure out of life like overflow incontinence. Do you find yourself involuntarily leaking urine without being aware of the need to urinate, either during the day or while you sleep? This leakage, which can cause embarrassment and discomfort, is a symptom of overflow incontinence. For mild and moderate overflow incontinence, minimally invasive treatment from vConfidence provides a cutting-edge solution with no downtime and amazing results. Overflow incontinence is one type of inability to control urination in women, which may often result from weakened bladder muscles that are unable to squeeze the bladder empty, swelling from infections or atrophy in the urethra. When your bladder and the muscles around the opening of your bladder, which control urine flow, are atrophied, you may experience leakage even if your bladder is not completely full.

Dyspareunia Treatment


TREAT Overflow Incontinence?

The treatment works by triggering new collagen growth, which is the key to rebuilding muscular tissue around the bladder, as well as in the musculature and tissue structure that controls urine flow, including the bladder wall muscle support. Your doctor will use either radio frequency or fractional CO2 laser technology to tighten along the base of the overlying bladder, effectively resolving your problem of overflow incontinence. Using 360o pulses emitted via a gentle probe, an opening is produced at intervals of several millimeters into the collagen under the dermis, the layer just under the vaginal skin. This process causes contraction of the entire region, leading to tightening of the upper vagina including the support for the base of the bladder, from which the problems of overflow incontinence originate. As your body reacts to the laser treatment, new collagen production rejuvenates and reinvigorates the tissue surrounding the urinary tract.

How Many Treatments Are Required?
• Varies from 1-3 sessions, 10 minutes each
How Much Does Treatment Cost?
• Ranges from $975 to $1,175 per treatment
Will There Be Any Downtime?
• No downtime!
Dyspareunia Treatment
Dyspareunia Treatment

What Are The


Most patients experience initial symptom relief within the first week of treatment, with the full effects felt after your full course of treatment, which is often three sessions scheduled one month apart. As the tissue that controls the bladders ability to properly fill, empty and self-regulate itself is regenerated and energized by new collagen growth factors, your symptoms of overactive bladder are also overcome and replaced by increased self-control and a better quality of life.

How Does THE Treatment Feel?

vConfidence laser and RF treatments are pain-free, requiring no surgery and no needles, only a small probe that is fired inside of the vagina at a very low energy level. Most patients describe the actual pulses as feeling like nothing more than a slight vibration.


Before Treatment: A typical treatment averages 15 minutes of treatment time. You will be given specific pre-treatment instructions beforehand. Following your check-in, your vital signs will be taken. Once the procedure has begun, a sterile “insertion ring”, which is a circular device that allows the laser handpiece to be inserted and moved without rubbing against your skin, is placed into the vaginal opening. Once inserted, the laser will be activated, moved, then activated again in a short procedure that allows the entire inside of the vagina to be treated.

After Treatment: Immediately following your procedure you will be able to return to your regular activities. Your Doctor will provide you with detailed post-procedure instructions, including when you can resume sexual activity. Most patients have no negative indications after treatment and experience immediate positive results.

You don’t have to live with the annoying inconvenience and socially disruptive embarrassment of overflow incontinence. Now you can get the help you need to return to a normal, active life with vConfidence. All your symptoms are addressed simultaneously, effectively and safely with RF or fractional CO2 laser treatments. Contact us today.

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