The vConfidence Procedure with the Geneveve Viveve Geneveve


39 Mother of 2 looking to regain sensitivity, Charlotte NC
After delivering two larger babies vaginally, i just have not been feeling the same (down there) as i used to.  I decided i needed a little help regaining my sensitivity and am SO HAPPY i found vConfidence and my wonderful doctor in Charlotte.  Things definitely are tighter again and my husband could really tell a difference too.   The Geneveve treatment was not uncomfortable and took about 25 minutes.  It felt a little cool during the treatment while they were moving the probe- it was completely easy!!!

46 back to running marathons! Geneveve Treatment- Boston, MA
My incontinence was so bad that i had to change out multiple pads during long runs.  I stopped running altogether because the issue became unmanageable (think placing pads along my marathon route). I had had enough and found a the best vConfidence provider.  I’m back running and am so grateful that the Viveve device exists and that vConfidence is spreading the word.

The vConfidence Procedure with Viveve Geneveve device

56, leaking while running and need a fix!- Charlotte, NC
I am an avid runner and since going through menopause i started noticing a lot less moisture and a lot more leaking.  Running was becoming more and more difficult with trying to manage pads as part of the standard routine.  I had had enough!  The Geneveneve treatment has been  life saver.  I no longer have to worry about leaking, and i have had a significant increase in lubrication :).