ThermiVa™ in Lafayette, LA from vConfidence can give you back the confidence you deserve by utilizing radiofrequency energy to eliminate symptoms due to dyspareuni, incontinence, or urinary tract infections.

What is ThermiVA™ in Lafayette, LA?

ThermiVA™ is the process by which radiofrequency energy is transmitted to the desired region (internally or externally) to heat the tissue and stimulate the body to create new collagen. ThermiVA™ works to increase sensitivity in the walls of the vagina by heating them to nearly 45 degrees Celsius during the procedure lasting 30-60 minutes. While the process is useful for many vaginal issues, results are not as permanent as CO2 or radiofrequency with cryogen, such as Viveve Geneveve technology. Energy emitted by radio frequency is different than fractional CO2 laser energy in that fractional CO2 lasers can achieve a higher temperature inside the mucosal lining. A higher temperature is more effective at triggering fibroblasts. Other treatment options, like FemTouch™ or FemiLift™, may be more efficient options for symptom resolution.

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How Does vConfidence Use ThermiVA™ for Treatment?

In its day, radiofrequency without cooling was revolutionary, and many patients still prefer ThermiVA™ to newer procedures. In some, the lower temperatures are all that is needed to achieve treatment goals and is, therefore, the recommended treatment. In other cases, mostly depending on an individual’s presented symptoms, newer vConfidence technologies such as FemiLift™, Viveve Geneveve™, FemTouch™, and Intima not only provide better results but results that last much longer. These alternative treatments are usually more efficient when treating dyspareunia, vaginal dryness, laxity, incontinence, or urinary tract infections.

How Many Treatments Are Required?

In most cases, results from treatments with ThermiVA™ are achieved within three 30-60 minute sessions. Sessions are performed over three months. By contrast, a procedure using vConfidence Geneveve™ requires only a single treatment.

Will There Be Any Downtime?

Treatments utilizing ThermiVA™ come with minimal downtime. Call us to schedule your consultation today to work with a vConfidence certified doctor who can work alongside you to determine which treatment best fits your unique needs.

What Are The Results?

When you arrive at your complimentary consultation, your vConfidence certified doctor will thoroughly discuss your treatment goals, the ways that ThermiVA™ can address stated goals and a realistic set of expectations. You may also consider how alternative therapies utilizing a newer device like Viveve or a fractional CO2 approach like with Intima, FemTouch™ or FemiLift™ would meet any goals as well.

How Does vConfidence ThermiVA™ Treatment Feel?

Treatments with vConfidence ThermiVA™ are painless. Patients often express that the treatments creates a sensation of warmth. Unlike other procedures, it is necessary to frequently move the probe to avoid the overheating of specific areas.

Should you have any questions or would like to learn more about ThermiVA™ in Lafayette, LA and how it can help you reach your goals, please feel free to contact our office today.

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