If you have been experiencing vaginal dryness in Charlotte, NC, it could be because your body is not producing enough collagen. Your tissues require collagen to create moisture in the vagina’s mucosal lining. If you are lacking vaginal moisture, it can impact your sex life significantly. If vaginal dryness has become an issue for you, don’t despair. Our team of experts can treat this issue with vConfidence laser treatments. vConfidence will produce amazing results with no downtime.

How Does vConfidence Treat Vaginal Dryness in Charlotte, NC?

vConfidence has become the authoritative voice when it comes to vaginal health. Using the newest fractional CO2 laser-based equipment and procedures, we have created several non-invasive female-centered laser procedures, including Femilift™, FemTouch™ and MonaLisa® Touch. For most women, vaginal dryness is a direct result of decreased collagen growth throughout the vaginal lining. As your body creates collagen, it regrows a thicker vaginal lining, which brings continuous moisture to the mucosal lining. vConfidence offers the FemTouch™ and Femilift™ procedures which solve the problem for menopausal and post-menopausal women. Many find their sex lives improve, and as a result, they feel younger and more desirable.

How Many Treatments Are Required?

At your initial consultation, your vConfidence approved physician will work with you to create a treatment and procedure plan that is based on your individual needs. Many women find that they only need two treatments to achieve their desired results. Occasionally, the doctor will recommend three treatments, 30 days apart. Don’t suffer from vaginal dryness. Call and set up a free consultation today. Learn what vConfidence can do for you.

Vaginal dryness doesn’t have to be a life sentence. There is hope. With vConfidence, you can find the help you require to get back to your active lifestyle. All of your symptoms and issues can be reversed with one simple procedure. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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