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RF and laser-based vaginoplasty
can work to restore the function and appearance of your vaginal anatomy.

Relaxation of the vaginal wall is a very common problem among women who have had multiple childbirths or underwent massive weight loss. The vConfidence approach to non-invasive radio frequency (RF) and fractional CO2 laser-based vaginoplasty can work to restore the function and the appearance of your sensitive vaginal anatomy. As the authority in vaginal health and a leader in the development of minimally invasive surgery, vConfidence provides laser and RF vaginoplasty for patients who suffer from stress incontinence (the involuntary loss of urine when laughing, coughing, sneezing or exercising) and a variety of other issues. Many women want to rejuvenate their vagina to achieve the best sexual experience possible through RF or fractional CO2 laser-based vaginoplasty, which works to enhance your muscle tone, control and strength in the vaginal wall after childbirth, menopause or following recovery from medical treatment. Many women who have not had children even rely on vConfidence for enhancements to accomplish their goals and desires.

Dyspareunia Treatment

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You can tighten and reconstruct all the relaxed tissues and muscles in a brief procedure with results that are amazing. vConfidence addresses the underlying problem by stimulating the growth of more youthful, rejuvenated tissue in the vaginal region, which promotes tightening, lubrication, enhanced sensation and more effective bladder control as well. Through vConfidence laser vaginoplasty you will get back your sexual enhancement in just a few weeks after treatment. Contact us now to set up your complimentary consultation with a vConfidence Certified Doctor and visit one of our offices to discuss the possibility of having this safe and effective outpatient procedure performed and get back to enjoying your life again.

How Many Treatments Are Required?
• Varies from 1-3 sessions, 10 minutes each
How Much Does Treatment Cost?
• Ranges from $975 to $1,175 per treatment
Will There Be Any Downtime?
• No downtime!
Dyspareunia Treatment
Dyspareunia Treatment

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Most patients experience initial symptom relief within the first week of treatment, with the full effects felt after your full course of treatment, which is often three sessions scheduled one month apart. As the tissue that controls the bladders ability to properly fill, empty and self-regulate itself is regenerated and energized by new collagen growth factors, your symptoms of overactive bladder are also overcome and are replaced by increased self-control and a better quality of life.

How Does THE Treatment Feel?

vConfidence laser and RF treatments are pain-free, requiring no surgery and no needles, only a small probe that is fired inside of the vagina at a very low energy level. Most patients describe the actual pulses as feeling like nothing more than a slight vibration.


Before Treatment: A typical treatment averages 15 minutes of treatment time. You will be given specific pre-treatment instructions beforehand. Following your check-in, your vital signs will be taken. Once the procedure has begun, a sterile “insertion ring”, which is a circular device that allows the laser handpiece to be inserted and moved without rubbing against your skin, is placed into the vaginal opening. Once inserted, the laser will be activated, moved, then activated again in a short procedure that allows the entire inside of the vagina to be treated.

After Treatment: Immediately following your procedure you will be able to return to your regular activities. Your Doctor will provide you with detailed post-procedure instructions, including when you can resume sexual activity. Most patients have no negative indications after treatment and experience immediate positive results.

Vaginoplasty from vConfidence can help you enjoy your life and reclaim your femininity with no downtime. Empower yourself to enjoy life with the vaginal health experts at vConfidence. Contact us today.

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