MonaLisa Touch® treatment allows you to revive and strengthen the vaginal tissues while restoring the functions for the treatments of other problems. MonaLisa Touch® is a fractional CO2 laser treatment which is particularly created for the vaginal mucosa.

Do you need MonaLisa Touch®?

If you suffer from vaginal discomforts such as dryness, urine incontinence, and burning after childbirth or before pre-menopause, you may benefit from a MonaLisa Touch® treatment. The main cause of these vaginal discomforts, in many cases, is atrophic vaginitis. However, it may also be because of estrogen deficiency. Patients who had a treatment for uterine and breast cancer have low estrogen levels and may have vaginal issues.

MonaLisa Touch® is a simple minimally invasive laser treatment that helps to rejuvenate your vaginal cells. Many women don’t find a need to consult a doctor for such discomforts whereas some fail to recognize the symptoms of atrophic vaginitis. It can affect your relationship with your partner and your life in general in an adverse manner due to the physical and emotional impact that it has on the patient.

MonaLisa Touch® Treatment in Baton Rouge, LA?

vConfidence certified doctors recover the pre-menopausal metabolic activity by the synthesis of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and other compounds, which makes the mucosa on the vaginal walls turgid. The result of MonaLisa Touch® treatments is young and healthy tissue.

The process of MonaLisa Touch® triggers cells regeneration and falling off of the superficial shells. vConfidence certified doctors have been treating women of every age by MonaLisa Touch® in Baton Rouge, LA for vaginal discomforts. The doctors make sure that you get a relief from the symptoms in a few days’ time.

How much time and money needs to be invested for MonaLisa Touch® treatment?

MonaLisa Touch® requires no downtime. Every vConfidence certified doctor tries their best to achieve the results of MonaLisa Touch® in three treatments. vConfidence certified doctors consult with you the problems that you suffer from and tell you about the available MonaLisa Touch® treatment options available for you. The treatment you opt for to meet your desires and goals will determine what will be the cost of your treatment. This information, and more, will be discussed during your consultation.

The doctors from vConfidence make sure that you have a pain-free and quick MonaLisa Touch® treatment session. You can contact a vConfidence certified doctor in Baton Rouge, LA today to schedule your consultation.

Dr. Todd Howell is founder of The Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Clinics of Louisiana, and specializes in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. He received his medical degree from Louisiana State University School of Medicine at New Orleans and is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Howell is also a practicing emergency room physician with three years of experience in general surgery.

Dr. Kelly Cobb is a board-certified internist who received her MD from LSU School of Medicine. She is certified in age management medicine through the Cenegenics Institute and in use the dermal fillers, Botox® and sclerotherapy through Aesthetic Advancement. Dr. Cobb believes that health is equal to self-confidence.

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