vConfidence Certified Doctors in Long Island, NY offer a revolutionary dyspareunia treatment that helps your body rebuild tissues rejuvenating the vagina and relieving vaginal dryness and painful intercourse caused by dyspareunia.

What is Dyspareunia?

Dyspareunia is painful intercourse due to medical or psychological reasons. Women, especially those who have gone through menopause, often experience vaginal dryness which causes the intercourse to be painful. This can lead to the loss of desire to be sexually active, hesitancy to engage in intercourse, and pain after intercourse. Some women report feeling like their vagina is rubbing like sandpaper after intercourse due to vaginal dryness.

Symptoms of Dyspareunia

Women can experience dyspareunia in many different ways. Some feel pain at the opening of the vagina when penetration starts. Others feel pain deeper in their vagina. Some women feel pain after intercourse, injuries, infections, or cyclically with menstruation.

The pain associated with dyspareunia is not only unpleasant itself, but it can also lead to social and relational impacts because of a decrease in interest for intercourse. Fear, avoidance, and psychological distress around attempting intercourse are all negative side effects experienced with dyspareunia.

Dyspareunia Treatment

The tissues and glands in the vagina atrophy as we age, which can lead to a decreased amount of natural lubrication and ultimately dyspareunia. In the past, doctors have prescribed estrogen treatments. However, recently a new method of treatment has started to gain popularity because of how easy it is. There is no surgery, downtime, or large doses of hormones needed.

vConfidence has a state of the art treatment that alleviates dyspareunia due to vaginal dryness by restoring the tissues and glands that produce lubrication. The treatment activates the cells allowing them to naturally restore the vaginal tissue and glands. The treatment is non-invasive and helps the vagina produce new collagen. This leads to the vaginal lining growing back thicker and more youthful. This treatment can be done in as little as 15 minutes and will get you back to being able to not only want but enjoy intercourse in no time.

Dyspareunia caused by vaginal dryness not only affects your life, but your relationships as well. vConfidence Certified Doctors are here to help. With their in and out treatment they will get you back to enjoying intercourse in now time. Contact a vConfidence Certified Doctor today for a consultation conversation. With a network of doctors serving Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Hempstead, and Huntington, NY, a cure is right around the corner.

Sharon Giese, MD, is a world-renowned plastic surgeon who understand women’s body and what they want. Her talent and pioneering development in the aesthetics industry have helped her develop less invasive methods to produce nature-looking results.

Dr. Wayne Wertheim, left his primary care practice in March 2005 in order to devote his full-time efforts to serving as medical director of Island Medical Laser in Roslyn Heights. He is known for treating all of his patients with care and compassion.

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