If you are suffering from a yeast infection, a vConfidence Certified Doctor in Manchester, New Hampshire and throughout the Greater Boston area can provide treatment for you. Indeed, one of our specially trained doctors at vConfidence can provide a long-lasting solution to your yeast infection problems.

What is a Yeast Infection?

vConfidence Certified Doctors throughout the Greater Boston area offer a non-invasive procedure that takes about five minutes to repair your vaginal lining. The treatment helps to create a new, invigorating blood flow. This permits the growth of new mucosa. It is this mucosa that works to maintain a proper vaginal pH over the long term. You do not have to take pills, use creams, and there is no need for invasive surgery.

About 75 percent of all women will face a vaginal yeast infection in their lifetime. In fact, many women experience two or more significant episodes of yeast infections during their lifetime. A yeast infection is also called vaginal candidiasis.

Yeast Infection Symptoms

The symptoms of yeast infections include vaginal itching and even soreness, depending on the severity of an outbreak. When afflicted with a yeast infection, you can expect to experience a vaginal discharge that appears white, thick, and even clumpy. Some say that it has the consistency of cottage cheese.
When suffering from a yeast infection, you are likely to experience burning while urinating and discomfort during sex.

Yeast Infection Treatment

vConfidence treatment in Manchester is designed to aid your vagina to balance pH levels naturally. The treatment helps to fight the outbreak of bad bacteria before it results in a full-blown infection. vConfidence Certified Doctors in New Hampshire and throughout the Greater Boston Area can assist in preventing recurring yeast infections. They offer a possible long-lasting solution to balancing vaginal pH levels. Accomplishing this does not necessitate the use of cream or any other type of treatment or medication.

vConfidence treatments utilize the latest radio frequency and fractional CO2 laser-based technology. “Micro wounds”, created by the non-invasive procedure, stimulate a natural healing response. Your body responds by growing a thicker, healthier vaginal lining. This then brings a revitalized mucosal lining.

Contact a vConfidence Certified Doctor in Manchester, New Hampshire and throughout the Greater Boston area today to provide you with effective treatment for your yeast infection.

Jeanne Goley, NP is the Medical Director and Pelle Medical Spa in Manchester, New Hampshire. She holds a Master’s of Science from the University of South Alabama. Jeanne treats a variety of women’s health conditions by utilizing fractional CO2 technologies and has an extremely high success rate with this simple and non-invasive procedure.

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