At vConfidence, our physicians have the training and experience needed to provide you with a permanent solution to frequent yeast infections. Our innovative, non-invasive procedure restores your vaginal lining by improving blood flow to the area. This encourages the production of new mucosa, which is essential for maintaining optimal vaginal pH levels. With this procedure, it is possible to improve your vaginal health without resorting to creams, pills, or surgery.

What Is a Yeast Infection?

Vaginal yeast infections are caused by a fungal infection, specifically the rapid multiplication of the fungus Candida. A form of vaginitis, known as inflammation of the vagina, yeast infections can cause intense itching, irritation, and discharge of the structures at the vaginal opening – both the vagina and vulva.

Vaginal yeast infections, or vaginal candidiasis, are a very common condition, affecting up to three out of four women. It is not uncommon for most women to experience a minimum of two vaginal yeast infections during their lifetime.

Yeast Infection Symptoms?

  • Intense vaginal itching
  • Soreness
  • A burning sensation during urination or sex
  • Thick, clumpy, white vaginal discharge (some women compare the consistency to cottage cheese)

What Is Yeast Infection Treatment from vConfidence?

By permanently balancing pH levels in the vagina naturally and preventing the overgrowth of bacteria, vConfidence’s treatment can prevent yeast infections before they start. During this non-invasive procedure, our physicians use radio frequency technology and a fractional CO2 laser to resolve frequent yeast infections without creams or medications. The gentle action of the lasers creates micro-wounds, which is essential for stimulating the production of collagen and promoting natural healing of vaginal tissues. Tissue regeneration begins immediately after treatment as your vaginal lining becomes thicker and revitalized.

You don’t have to endure yeast infections any longer. With vConfidence, it is possible to live your life without the discomfort associated with vaginal yeast infections. Contact us today and learn how your unpleasant symptoms can be addressed safely and effectively with our non-invasive treatment.

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