vConfidence Noninvasive 10 Minute Procedure Resolves
Stress incontinence /
Urine leakage
Vaginal Laxity
Recurring infections like UTI and Yeast
Dryness and irritation
How It Works
Using a special scanner, the device acts on the vaginal walls in a gentle manner. This generates identic micro-lesions, which are ultimately required for initiating the creation of new collagen and revamping and re-equilibrating the components of the vaginal mucosa.
The action of the energy safely and painlessly reactivates, as well as restores, the proper role of the relative urogenital structures while also bettering the associated symptoms of urinary dysfunction (mild incontinence due to stress).
A process called tissue regeneration is then triggered. This lasts for several weeks. Stimulation occurs immediately, however, and even after the initial treatment, significant improvements can often be seen. We may recommend additional treatments.

vConfidence for Vaginal Health

Welcome to vConfidence. We’re the authority on vaginal health and non-invasive procedures designed to improve your quality of life and femininity. You can turn with confidence to the highly-skilled doctors on our team to help you address the very real and troubling problems that affect women every day with regard to vaginal health and feminine quality of life. Empowering women to enjoy life is our vConfidence promise, and it’s a promise that you can count on. We’re experts at helping women address everything from issues of incontinence and dysuria to post-pregnancy and menopausal problems, including vaginal dryness, vaginal pain, UTIs (urinary tract infection) and OAB (overactive bladder). The vConfidence procedure delivered only by the leading physicians throughout the United States can help you by creating truly amazing results courtesy of the very latest technology in fractional CO2 laser and radio frequency based treatments designed specifically for non invasive, painless vaginal procedures.

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Dr. Tess Mauricio discusses the vConfidence procedure with Dr. Colleen McNally. Recurring infection, stress and urge incontinence, and overall vaginal health are topics of focus.

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Non Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

More and more women are empowered by vConfidence’s non-invasive, no downtime vaginal rejuvenation to address laxity to reclaim their sexuality. Often, younger women who have endured induced menopause as the result of medical treatment for cancer or other issues can suffer from vaginal dryness and painful urination or dysuria. These problematic symptoms can also plague post-partum and older post-menopausal women. When sex loses its enjoyment factor and intimacy becomes painful, expectations across every dimension of one’s quality of life can diminish. vConfidence resolves major medical symptoms and invigorates your confidence with treatments that re-balance pH, reduce or eliminate urine leakage, and restore your pleasure with neocollagenesis-based solutions that rebuild mucosa linings of the vaginal wall to tighten and revitalize tissue with a more youthful density so your pleasure receptors and romantic life are made great again.

Utilizing the latest laser technology for improved patient outcomes, vConfidence represents the ultimate in transformative fractional CO2 laser and radio frequency treatments that improve the health of the mucosal lining by triggering the growth of new collagen. For too long, these types of symptoms and related issues of vaginal health and well-being have been too challenging for patients to even discuss with their physicians. vConfidence represents the next generation in self-empowerment for women. Now with vConfidence, our discretion, and privacy-focused approach allows you to address your issues non-invasively. And since all of our vConfidence Approved Physicians are specialized on the craft of noninvasive laser treatments, with the goal of benefiting you with better feminine health, you can know that you are in great hands.

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Did you know that recurring infections, such as yeast infections are often due to unhealthy vaginal mucosal lining? Revitalizing your vaginal mucosal lining with vConfidence laser treatments can help you to address these issues safely and effectively, in addition to treating laxity and vaginal dryness. vConfidence is also the expert in treating incontinence. vConfidence can help you address stress incontinence, which happens when physical movements or activity puts pressure on your bladder, urge incontinence, usually associated with a sense of urgency caused by the bladder muscle contracting, and overflow incontinence.

If you want to address vaginal rejuvenation, stress incontinence problems or any other important issues concerning vaginal infections, then contact vConfidence to receive world-class procedures. As the true authority on vaginal health, vConfidence is a name you can trust.

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