What are Vaginal Infections?

Many women today are looking to cutting-edge options to improve their vaginal health and to enhance their lifestyle choices. Living with painful urination, yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, or uncomfortable urinary tract infections is not necessary. vConfidence is committed to helping you enjoy life with the combination of advanced technology and skilled doctors who have complete mastery of their craft and are focused on one thing and one thing only, which is making sure your quality of feminine life is absolutely and discretely enhanced with non-invasive fractional CO2 laser or radio frequency treatments designed and targeted to resolve even some of the most uncomfortable issues. Make vConfidence your trusted partner when it comes to fixing these issues that affect your vaginal health. Take the next step and schedule your complimentary consultation now with a vConfidence Certified Doctor if you are experiencing symptoms recurring BV or yeast infection, dysuria or have urinary tract infection (UTI) issues. These are among the most common vaginal health issues that vConfidence’s highly-skilled specialists can help you address with non-invasive solutions with no downtime.

How Does vConfidence Treat Vaginal Infections?

vConfidence treats common vaginal health problems that many women face by promoting the natural generation of new tissue and the sloughing off of old dormant tissue structures that cause problems like vaginal atrophy, imbalanced pH, vaginal dryness, and incontinence. For millions of women, vaginal health problems are real issues that affect them and interfere with their day-to-day lives. Problems like UTIs and dysuria can occur at any age and can be resolved with the creation of new mucosal lining following your short and painless treatment with our devices. You can learn more about how vConfidence treats vaginal infections during your consultation, as your specific issues will determine your specific course of treatment.  Vaginal health symptoms most typically resolved include;

How Many Treatments Are Required?

During your consultation, your vConfidence Certified Doctor will develop a treatment plan based on your specific needs. A variety of vaginal health conditions can be treated with three sessions that can take as little as 5 minutes each, with no downtime and with results that resolve your symptoms.

How Much Do Vaginal Infections Treatment Cost?

Vaginal infection treatments with vConfidence are surprisingly affordable. Your treatment costs will vary based on your specific needs, so set up your complimentary consultation now. During your consultation, your vConfidence Certified Doctor will discuss the range of vaginal rejuvenation treatment options available to you and will answer any questions that you may have. Together you can form a strategic treatment plan that meets your needs. vConfidence also offers convenient financing options so that every woman is empowered to enjoy her life.

Will There Be Any Downtime?

With vConfidence, you can treat vaginal health issues with no downtime through a series of three brief visits. Treatment sessions take 5 minutes and require no needles, no surgery, and no anesthesia. Why not contact us now to set up your complimentary consultation.

What Are The Results?

By proactively addressing issues of vaginal health with vConfidence, you can be assured that you are taking the right steps to get the results you need for a better quality of life. For many vaginal health issues, almost immediate improvement is evident after just one treatment, and the issue is ultimately resolved following a full course of treatments. Once you’ve gotten the relief that you deserve, you’ll be able to fully enjoy your daily life in a way that just isn’t possible when those problems are left untreated.

How Does vConfidence Vaginal Infections Treatment Feel?

vConfidence treatments are pain-free, with no surgery or needles. It is a series of gentle pulses fired inside of the vagina, and as a result, there is no pain associated with the treatment itself. Most patients describe the actual pulses as feeling like a slight vibration.

If you want to enjoy life again, now you can with help from the vaginal health experts at vConfidence. Get the help you need to resume a normal, active life with vConfidence. All your concerns and painful symptoms will be addressed simultaneously, effectively and safely. Contact us today!