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Medshift Releases Important Research and Results That Will Change Vaginal Health Empowerment

MedShift’s $10 million investment has sparked important efforts in brand awareness and research with thousands of patients and doctors; results are critical to the future of women’s health

Oct. 23, 2018 – CHARLOTTE, N.C.

After 18 months of research which included thousands of responses to a clinical study from partner patients and doctors, MedShift is releasing important information which proves what the company has known to be true for years – vConfidence not only delivers results that last, but also serves as the modern woman’s trusted partner in vaginal health empowerment.

The research process was comprehensive and precise utilizing defined question from multiple leading clinical studies for incontinence, sexual function, and dryness. MedShift relied heavily on not only data, but also personal feedback from patients and doctors. It included a variety of vConfidence devices and non-invasive procedures; it was distributed to patients who were treated for at least one symptom which included (but was not limited to) urine leakage, dryness or pain during intercourse, or vaginal infections.

Research and results were overwhelmingly positive. Leading the way was this news – of survey respondents who had undergone a single treatment with a vConfidence device, 98.8% experienced overall improvements of symptoms.

“As a certified vConfidence practitioner, I’m excited to see positive results that overwhelmingly prove how much these treatments are improving the quality of life for women,” said Dr. Merrill Matschke board certified in Urology specializing in Pelvic Floor Surgery and resolving symptoms of incontinence.

Other positive highlights include:

  • Among women who had three treatments, only 1.2% reported no improvement in any symptoms
  • Of 140 patients treated for incontinence, 94.67% reported improvements in symptoms post-procedure
  • 93.93% of respondents experienced improvement in their incontinence symptoms after one treatment
  • 91% of respondents reported less painful intercourse and vaginal dryness after one treatment

This research is part of a continued investment by MedShift in women’s health. Since its founding, MedShift has invested over $10,000,000 in vConfidence to improve and enhance not only a woman’s health issues and concerns, but also how she experiences her life daily. As a result, vConfidence approved practitioners have served thousands of women across North America with safe, non-invasive, energy-based procedures and treatments.

Part of that investment has also included raising brand awareness. In August 2018, the company launched a rebrand designed to make information about these procedures and treatments more accessible – and more real. The new tagline – Why be PC when you can be VC? – started much-needed conversations among women when it comes to their vaginal health – conversations often whispered about or simply Googled.

“MedShift has made a powerful and unprecedented investment in women and women’s health,” says Dr. Tess Mauricio, Board Certified Dermatologist, fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, graduate of Stanford University School of Medicine. “That level of commitment, information and resources will empower more women to make a long-term plan for their optimum health and wellness. Imagine what’s possible for the future of women’s health then.”

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vConfidence Launches a Full-On Rebrand with Renewed Commitment to Vaginal Health Education & Procedures

The Charlotte-based industry leader in women’s vaginal health procedures is rebranding with an important question for women everywhere – why be PC when you can be VC?

August 16, 2018 – CHARLOTTE, N.C.
Stress incontinence. Vaginal dryness. OAB. Those are just a select few of any number of challenging, oftentimes painful vaginal health conditions that impact millions of women every year. What’s even more challenging for the mothers, daughters, sisters, women in our lives?

Women rarely discuss these conditions- or the solutions to them openly.

vConfidence wants to change that for today’s woman and for generations to come.

Starting today, the Charlotte-based company launches a full-on, rebranding commitment across web design, content strategy, and social media driven by an important tagline that says it all – Why be PC when you can VC?

The effort is not only about continuing to share the company’s well-established reputation and success, but also engaging a new demographic of younger women impacted by vaginal health conditions following childbirth or early onset menopause.

“These health conditions aren’t changing – but women are,” says Dr. Tess Mauricio, Board Certified Der-matologist. “Today, women are more empowered, in-control, active participants when it comes to their bodies and their health than ever before; we want vConfidence to serve as not only a brand and treat-ment solution, but also a health-driven, thought leader for these busy, active, and empowered women.”

Despite the rebrand, vConfidence’s treatment options, providers, and data-driven approach will not be changing. In 2017, vConfidence solutions were available in over 150 locations across the U.S. and Canada through vConfidence certified doctors – industry-leading gynecologists, obstetricians, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons. Each is equipped with a cloud-enabled approach to deliver an innovative, minimally invasive, virtually painless procedures. vConfidence utilizes only the safest procedures on the market; the company continues to commit to the extra mile ensuring all practitioners are properly trained and up-to-date to deliver safe and successful outcomes that change how a woman experiences life.

New service and product offerings will be available across the U.S. and Canada in Fall 2018.

vConfidence’s leadership team does hope the rebrand inspires fresh change in one important part of life – a woman’s confidence.

“Our team at vConfidence wants these treatment options to make a real, game-changing difference in the quality of a woman’s life and her sense of self,” says Brittani Phillips, vConfidence’s creator. “If this re-brand can help educate on those options AND then spark important, PC to VC conversations that inspire greater confidence, then we’ve created long-term change that trickles down through generations of women.”

ABOUT VCONFIDENCE: vConfidence is the modern women’s partner in vaginal health empowerment. Our certified doctors are leading gynecologists, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons who deliver our innovative, non-invasive, energy-based procedures to resolve vaginal health challenges. We research, evaluate, and deliver revolutionary solutions that enhance a woman’s quality of life with minimal downtime and successful, long-lasting results. For more information, please visit

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vConfidence Certified Physicians Launch Effective, Non-invasive
Laser Treatments to Resolve Incontinence, Dryness, and Recurring Infection

Specialized CO2 lasers and comprehensive physician training provide revolutionary options to relieve major medical symptoms and common vaginal conditions.
CHARLOTTE, NC-(Marketwired – Nov 10, 2016) – vConfidence is proud to announce the launch of its vConfidence Certified Physicians network and our first 40 nationwide locations to provide safe, effective laser treatments that improve womens vaginal health and quality of life.vConfidence Certified Physicians are leading gynecologists, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons who deliver the vConfidence procedure with specialized fractional CO2 lasers to relieve pre and post-menopausal women of common vaginal symptoms associated with aging and childbirth.


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