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FemiLift Reviews

44 Mother of 2 in Desperate Need – San Diego, CA
I experienced incontinence for the first time when laughing during a watching TV with my daughter.  I could not believe it, and it made me a little concerned.  I am so not ready to wear depends.  I had a very large baby that was 10 1/2 pounds!  The procedure was so easy, i was pleasantly surprised.  I think we need to do something to raise the awareness before it’s too late.  I would recommend the vConfidence procedure using the FemiLift to all women. MORE

Intima Reviews

37 year old wanted to stop peeing my pants
Some background, I’m 37, married and have 2 kids (15,9). I developed severe stress incontinence last year. Coughing, sneezing, jumping, running, etc. made me leak. It was humiliating and I smelled like pee and was tired of wearing pads.  In vagina news, I had that first treatment 1.5 weeks ago and it has made a huge difference… MORE

ThermiVa Reviews

Please click link above for detailed information on ThermiVa  MORE

 Viveve Geneveve Reviews

56, leaking while running and need a fix!- Charlotte, NC
I am an avid runner and since going through menopause i started noticing a lot less moisture and a lot more leaking.  Running was becoming more and more difficult with trying to manage pads as part of the standard routine.  I had had enough!  The Geneveneve treatment has been  life saver.  I no longer have to worry about leaking, and i have had a significant increase in lubrication :).  MORE