One of the best devices in the field, the FemiLift,
when utilized by our vConfidence Certified
Doctors, can deliver the results you have been
looking for. Tried and true, with nearly 100%
patient satisfaction, the vConfidence procedure
with the FemiLift device is a fantastic option
for all women.



43 Mother of 3 in Desperate Need, Veronica — San Diego, CA
I experienced incontinence for the first time when laughing while watching TV with my daughter. I could not believe it, and it made me a little concerned. I am so not ready to wear depends. I had a very large baby that was 10 1/2 pounds! The procedure was so easy, I was pleasantly surprised. I think we need to do something to raise the awareness before it’s too late. I would recommend the vConfidence procedure using the FemiLift to all women. MORE

Femlift — Huntington, NY
My problem was urinal leaking and having to wear heavy pads. I went to my OBGYN and she suggestion taking medication by mouth everyday, I did not want to take meds. When I heard about this new procedure, I immediately decided to try it. After my first treatment which was just a bit uncomfortable…

45 Years Old Who Has Had Stress Incontinence — Manhasset, NY
I decided to try the FemiLift procedure with Dr. Jacob Simhaee. I had read some great reviews on the procedure and decided to give it a try instead of having “sling surgery”. Dr. Simhaee patiently described the FemiLift procedure and provided evidence of previous patients who had seen real…

48 Years Young on Long Island — Manhasset, NY
I delivered 2 children and after my son was born I began to feel vaginal looseness and some urinary incontinence symptoms.. I work full time, and have no time for pelvic exercises requiring weekly or bi-weekly visits. Femilift was the perfect solution for me. After I had all 3 sessions, I did…

43 Years Old, 4 Kids, Needed a Femilift — Great Neck, NY
The Doctor suggested femilift to me because after having 4 kids I had trouble holding my urine, I was passing air from the front, and not feeling my partner anymore. This was happening because my vaginal walls were not strong enough and my uterus was also coming down, I did four treatments every…

25 Years Old Young Mom with One Baby — Manhasset, NY
Ive have done 3 femilift and 2 Prp shot and the lateral wall. The first femilift was done solely, I got a lot of discharge for one week and experienced no difference. So the second time, Dr. Simhaee suggested me to do it with the prp shot. Well, frankly, I’m pretty sensitive so the procedure is…



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