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Our laser and RF technologies can resolve your overactive bladder issues.

Overactive bladder (OAB) is a problem with the bladder’s storage function capacity that can result in a sudden urge to urinate. If the urge is just too difficult to stop, then overactive bladder can result in the involuntary loss of urine, or incontinence. Do you find yourself involuntarily leaking urine after a sudden need to urinate? The leakage, which can cause embarrassment and discomfort, combined with the sudden urge, are both symptomatic of overactive bladder (OAB). Many women who suffer from OAB feel embarrassed and limit their work or social life, isolating themselves to protect against embarrassing OAB episodes.


What is FemiLift™?

The vConfidence procedure utilizing the FemiLift™ laser is the smart choice for women who want a minimally invasive procedure that can improve menopausal dryness, tighten the vaginal tunnel and diminish incontinence, including stress incontinence. While FemiLift™ is known for laser vaginal tightening for improved sexual pleasure, these gentle, controlled treatments will safely and accurately result in healthy improved tissues that restore metabolic trophism and youthful tissue dynamics, including self-lubrication capabilities and improved bladder control. The latest in non-invasive, painless laser vaginal restoration, FemiLift™ triggers new tissue growth which become necessary due to lower estrogen levels after menopause (either natural or induced early), childbirth or following medical treatment. FemiLift™ uses third generation CO2 fractional laser technology to tighten the entire vaginal barrel. The laser is emitted into the vagina via a round vaginal-shaped probe. The in-office procedure takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete and is repeated at monthly intervals for three months, with a follow-up session in one year. FemiLift™ from vConfidence produces a noticeable tightening of the entire vaginal barrel for increased friction and pleasure during sexual intimacy, greater bladder control, and more youthful vaginal tissue.

How does the FemiLift™ Treatment from vConfidence Work?

The FemiLift™ laser utilizes fractional ablation, targeted precisely to help improve crucial vaginal tissue issues, resulting in better lubrication, less dryness, less discomfort, less incontinence and improved tightness. With FemiLift™, you can also address majora reduction and resurfacing, as well as vaginal rejuvenation, including minora resurfacing, labiaplasty and hymenoplasty. FemiLift™ is also ideal for treating pathologies, including excising and ablating lesions. Shooting the laser once for every one-centimeter, your vConfidence Certified Doctor is able to gently turn the probe for full coverage. The strong ablative and thermal effects of the FemiLift™ CO2 laser inside the tissue causes remodeling and collagen contraction. The lasing process is pain-free and quick with no downtime.

How Many Treatments Are Required?

During your complimentary consultation, your vConfidence Certified Doctor will discuss your treatment goals and options with you, answer your questions about how many treatments are required and describe how the FemiLift™ fractionated laser energy micro pixels can achieve fantastic results with no post-procedure downtime in as little as three treatments staggered at monthly intervals, with immediate benefits after the very first session.

How Much Does FemiLift™ Treatment Cost?

Your treatment costs will vary based on your specific needs.  Set up your complimentary consultation now. During your consultation, your vConfidence Certified Doctor will discuss the range of treatment options available, and together you can form a treatment plan that meets your needs, desires, and goals. vConfidence is the authority on vaginal health. We also offer convenient financing options so that every woman is empowered to enjoy life.

Will There Be Any Downtime?

FemiLift™ from vConfidence is an excellent option for those patients who want absolutely no downtime, great results, the latest technology and a track record of excellent patient satisfaction and long-term success. Most patients are able to resume their regular activities immediately following their FemiLift™ treatment. Contact us now to set up your complimentary consultation for FemiLift™ treatment with a vConfidence Certified Doctor.

What Are The Results?

FemiLift™ from vConfidence produces amazing results, including the complete remodeling of the vaginal tissue in addition to re-establishment of firmer, more “youthful” vaginal tissue, with a tissue structure more deeply embedded with thick and long collagen fibers. You will receive specific instructions following your vConfidence FemiLift™ procedure. Most vConfidence patients are able to return to their regular activity more or less immediately, including sexual intercourse. FemiLift™ treatment from the vaginal health experts at vConfidence achieves outstanding results that empower women to enjoy life.

How Does vConfidence FemiLift™ Laser Treatment Feel?

The amazing staff at vConfidence and our approved gynecologists will make sure you feel relaxed during every visit. Your vConfidence Certified Doctor will listen to your issues and questions, and will take the time necessary to explain the FemiLift™ procedure to you. Most patients say the vConfidence FemiLift™ laser treatment feels completely pain-free, with nothing more than a mild vibration sensation.

  • Instructions Before Treatment: Your vConfidence Certified Doctor will give you detailed instructions for steps to take both before and after treatment. FemiLift™ from vConfidence is a hassle-free procedure with minimal downtime and optimum results.
  • Instructions After Treatment: Most patients are able to resume regular activities almost immediately after having their vConfidence FemiLift™ procedure. Your vConfidence Certified Doctor will give you detailed instructions for after your treatment. Contact us now to set up your FemiLift™ consultation with a vConfidence Certified Doctor, the authorities in vaginal health.

If you want to enjoy life again, now you can with the innovative FemiLift™ procedure. FemiLift™ is done in our vConfidence office using a novel, minimally invasive technology that requires no post-procedure downtime. Contact us today to learn more about FemiLift™ from vConfidence or to set up your consultation.

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