When you reclaim the power over your vaginal rejuvenation, you revitalize your sex life, take control of your femininity, and feel empowered. You can experience all this with a safe, innovative, and non-surgical procedure designed by vConfidence.

vConfidence’s highly-skilled physicians are industry-leading gynecologists, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists who offer vConfidence procedures to treat vaginal health challenges and enhance vaginal muscle tone, strength, and control.

Urinary Incontinence Treatment

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During your vaginal rejuvenation and health enpowerment consultation, your vConfidence certified practitioner will take the time to listen to you and to understand not only your symptoms, but also what you’re open to achieve with vConfidence.

We utilize energy-based products that rebuild collagen growth in your mucosal lining. That triggers the growth of more “youthful” vaginal tissue and a corresponding contraction of the overall tissue lining for increased tightness, less laxity and a balanced internal system of self-lubrication.

Dysuria Treatment
Yeast Infection

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Our vaginal rejuvenation procedure resolves completely or reduces the following symptoms in 95% of our patients. Those symptoms may (or may not) include:
• Loss of sensation due to vaginal birth or atrophy post menopause
• Incontinence in all forms- stress urinary incontinence, urged incontinence, and overactive bladder
• Imbalanced vaginal pH
• Vaginal dryness which causes painful intercourse including entry pain
• Recurring infections like yeast, and bacterial
• Vaginal laxity, the loose feeling during intercourse

How Does THE Treatment Feel?

vConfidence’s energy-based procedures are pain-free. They require no surgery and no needles. Most patients describe the procedure as feeling like nothing more than a slight vibration.


Before Treatment: You will be given specific pre-treatment instructions beforehand. Following your check-in, your vital signs will be taken. A typical treatment averages 15 minutes. Once the procedure has begun, a sterile “insertion ring” which is a circular device that allows the procedure’s handpiece to be inserted and moved without rubbing against your skin. It is placed into the vaginal opening. Once inserted, the short procedure treats the entire inside of the vagina.
After Treatment: You will be able to return to your regular activities immediately following your procedure. Your vConfidence certified practitioner will provide you with detailed post-procedure instructions. Most patients have no negative indications after treatment and experience immediate positive results.

Vaginal rejuvenation from vConfidence can help you resume a normal, active life without pain, surgery or downtime. Empower yourself to enjoy life with the vaginal health experts at vConfidence. Contact us today.

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