When looking for a trustworthy authority for vaginal health, look no further than vConfidence. Utilizing a team of highly skilled specialists, patients can benefit from safe, non-invasive solutions that address cases when vaginal dryness has led to pain or discomfort with sexual intercourse. You don’t have to suffer from dyspareunia in Lafayette, LA. 

What is Dyspareunia in Lafayette, LA?

vConfidence procedure addresses the cause of dyspareunia, instead of just treating the symptoms, helping you to get your life back on track. The causes are typically due to insufficient moisture present in the vaginal wall. Vaginal dryness, or dyspareunia, is a result of reduced estrogen in the vulvovaginal region. This is often accompanied by itching or burning in those entering menopause or who are post-menopausal. As women age, vaginal tissue and glands begin to atrophy due to a loss of certain hormones.

Dyspareunia problems are identified due to a lack of new collagen production, a necessary process for vulvovaginal tissues to stimulate the production of adequate moisture in the lining of the vagina.

How does vConfidence Treat Dyspareunia?

As the authority for vaginal health, vConfidence utilizes the latest technology in fractional CO2 lasers and RF technologies. These techniques are specifically designed to address issues like dyspareunia. Inadequate collagen growth and standard atrophy is the most common cause of vaginal dryness. Treatments available from vConfidence work to restore vaginal tissues and glands that have atrophied, allowing for a solution to vaginal dryness. The process of new collagen growth is known as neocollagenesis. Neocollagenisis causes the vaginal lining to regrow thicker, which allows for a more youthful appearance. This also allows for a continuous flow of natural lubrication to the mucosal lining of the vaginal wall. Intima, Viveve™, FemiLift™ and FemTouch™ lasers by vConfidence all are capable of yielding impressive results for the treatment of dyspareunia.

How Many Treatments Are Required?

While many women see incredible results after only one treatment, it is often recommended that three treatments spaced 30 days apart are administered for optimal results.

What Are The Results?

Instead of focusing on symptoms, vConfidence lasers deal with the problem causing dyspareunia directly, solving the problems of painful intercourse. Painless treatments utilizing fractional CO2 lasers or RF treatments work to trigger the growth of new collagen. With this treatment, the vagina’s mucosal lining will once again be capable of natural lubrication as both the skin and the muscular lining undergoes rejuvenation. Patients report relief from symptoms within the first week following treatment, with full effects after a complete treatment course.

How Does vConfidence Laser or RF Treatment Feel?

Thanks to vConfidence treatments being surgery and needle-free, treatment is painless. The series of gentle pulses are fired into the vagina, and many report that the pulses feel like a slight vibration.

Dyspareunia does not have to be a condition you live with. Help can be had to once again have a normal and active life, thanks to vConfidence. For more information, contact us today.

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