Our highly skilled specialists provide vConfidence, an authority on vaginal health, to treat dyspareunia. This safe, non-invasive laser solution addresses cases of vaginal dryness that often lead to pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse.

What is Dyspareunia?

As you age, a reduction in estrogen hormones can cause vaginal tissue and glands to atrophy. Dyspareunia or vaginal dryness may then occur, leading to itching and burning particularly during intercourse. Menopausal and post-menopausal women can now obtain relief from vaginal dryness thanks to vConfidence, a revolutionary new treatment that addresses the root cause of dyspareunia. It works by stimulating new collagen growth, something that then causes vulvovaginal tissues to begin producing moisture in the mucosal lining of the vagina.

How does vConfidence Treat Dyspareunia?

We use only the latest fractional CO2 laser and radio frequency based procedures to treat age-related issues such as dyspareunia. VConfidence is one such treatment and offers a real solution for vaginal dryness, which often results from inadequate collagen growth in the vaginal lining. vConfidence spurs neocollagenesis, or the growth of new collagen, thereby restoring the atrophied vaginal tissue and eliminating vaginal dryness. Neocollagenesis results in a thicker, more youthful vaginal lining along with a continual flow of naturally occurring lubrication that ends dryness once and for all. With vConfidence, you can effectively eliminate dyspareunia and the associated discomfort that comes from having vaginal dryness.

How Many Treatments Are Required?

Many women are able to achieve their desired results after only a single treatment. Even so, most will require a series of three treatments scheduled 30 days apart in order to realize the optimum benefits.

What Are The Results?

vConfidence addresses the root problem of dyspareunia, namely a lack of collagen that leads to vaginal dryness. This pain-free treatment triggers the regenerative growth of new collagen, allowing the vaginal lining to begin generating its own natural lubrication again. Most patients experience an almost immediate relief in their symptoms, with a noticeable change often being seen within the first week. Those that require multiple treatments will notice the full effects of vConfidence following their last session.

How Does vConfidence Laser or RF Treatment Feel?

No surgery or needles are required, making vConfidence procedures pain free. The treatment consists of a series of gentle pulses aimed inside the vagina, which many patients describe as feeling like a slight vibration.

If you are experiencing dyspareunia, you do not have to suffer any longer. Get the help you need to resume an active life again by undergoing vConfidence. This treatment addresses all your painful symptoms and concerns simultaneously and is a safe and effective way to eliminate dyspareunia. Contact us today to find out more or to schedule a consultation.

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