If you experience dyspareunia, vConfidence certified physicians in Omaha, NE are able to provide you with the treatment you need. vConfidence trained doctors use special technology and minimally invasive techniques to treat dyspareunia.

vConfidence Certified Doctors use painless procedures that take as little as five minutes to address dyspareunia. The vaginal area can be restored through the use of special lasers that stimulate collagen production. There’s no surgery, cream, or lubricants involved, and you won’t have to take any medication.

What is Dyspareunia?

Dyspareunia is a persistent vaginal dryness. It occurs when a woman is unable to produce sufficient natural lubrication. This often happens during or after menopause, though some women will experience dyspareunia following other events.

The vulvovaginal tissues require new collagen growth in order to behave the way that they should. This collagen helps produce sufficient moisture in the vaginal mucosal lining which is necessary to prevent painful intercourse.

What Are the Symptoms of Dyspareunia?

Dyspareunia typically manifests itself as an abnormal vaginal dryness. This can lead to painful intercourse. Dr. Tess Mauricio, a vConfidence Certified Doctor, says that her patients identify a sensation of sandpaper following intercourse, and that soreness may persist.

An absence of natural lubrication is a warning sign that your body is not behaving as it should, and this may indicate dyspareunia.

How Can vConfidence Doctors in Omaha, NE Treat Dyspareunia?

vConfidence doctors in Omaha, NE use top of the line RF technology, accompanied with custom fractional CO2 lasers to treat dyspareunia. These lasers address the issues of vaginal dryness and painful intercourse by using gentle pulses to create micro-wounds. This process does not hurt, and feels like a slight vibration.

As the body responds to these micro-wounds, it begins to repair itself. This leads to the production of new collagen surrounding the vaginal tissues. The collagen provides the vagina with the support it needs to restore all of its natural balances, from PH level to natural lubrication.

This restoration helps a new mucosal lining emerge. This lining is responsible for maintaining adequate levels of vaginal moisture, reducing discomfort and removing the pain from intercourse. The procedure works for just about everyone, including menopausal and post-menopausal women experiencing vaginal dryness.

You can contact a vConfidence Certified Doctor in Omaha, NE today to begin your minimally invasive and painless treatment for dyspareunia today.

Dr. Frank Soto Leon is a vConfidence trained physician and University of Nebraska graduate. He has trained specifically in high tech laser-based cosmetic surgical procedures. He works hard to understand and meet the needs of his patients and guides them through every step of the process to a satisfying conclusion.

Dr. Jennifer Tighe de Soto is a board certified aesthetic surgeon who can use both surgical and nonsurgical techniques to improve the lives and health of her patients. Her main goal is to restore the confidence of her patients, empowering them to feel their best.

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