Our vConfidence Certified Doctors in Portland, OR, are authorities on vaginal health. If you suffer from vaginal dryness that causes pain during sexual intercourse, you may have dyspareunia. vConfidence doctors can provide a safe, non-invasive treatment to put an end to this issue.

What Is Dyspareunia in Portland, OR?

Dyspareunia is dryness in the vagina that causes painful intercourse. This is a common condition for women who are in menopause or are post-menopausal. The vaginal tissue and glands often weaken or wear down with age.

Vaginal dryness is often caused by a decrease in estrogen production, which halts collagen growth. The vulvovaginal tissues need collagen to produce moisture in the vagina’s mucosal lining. A lack of collagen production leads to dyspareunia. Other common symptoms include itching and burning in the vulvovaginal region.

How Does vConfidence Treat Dyspareunia in Portland, OR?

vConfidence Certified Doctors in Portland use RF-based technology and fractional CO2 lasers to treat dyspareunia. Our treatment addresses the cause of vaginal dryness, which is usually inadequate collagen production. By stimulating collagen growth with Intima, Femilift™, Viveve, and FemTouch™, our treatment helps your body naturally grow a thicker, healthier vaginal lining. This will allow your body to provide more moisture to the vagina’s mucosal lining, solving the problem of vaginal dryness and painful intercourse.

How Many Treatments Are Required?

You may notice results after just one treatment, however, to achieve optimal results, you should undergo three vConfidence procedures. These treatments will each be scheduled 30 days apart.

What Are the Results?

Our CO2 laser and RF treatments promote collagen growth, which fixes the root cause of vaginal dryness. As your body begins to produce more collagen, your vagina’s mucosal lining will be able to generate lubrication naturally. Most people who receive the vConfidence treatment in Portland, OR, notice an improvement within the first week. You will feel the full effects after all three treatments.

How Does vConfidence Laser or RF Treatment Feel?

Our vConfidence laser treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive, so you should not feel any pain. The lasers are very gentle, and most patients describe feeling a slight vibration. The treatment is a series of small, gentle pulses.

Dyspareunia can be a very painful condition, and it can be damaging to your intimate life. You don’t have to live with vaginal dryness. vConfidence Certified Doctors in Portland provide treatment for dyspareunia. If you want to return to feeling confident, happy, and satisfied in your life, schedule a consultation with a vConfidence doctor near you.

Dr. Richard Rosenfield of Pearl Women’s Center completed his residency training at Stanford University Hospital and has been practicing medicine since 2000. He has a great passion for women’s healthcare and his minimally invasive methods to surgical procedures have garnered him a large clientele base and has made him well known for his surgical talents.

Dr. Nicholas Fogelson of Pearl Women’s Center has been working as a fellowship-trained gynecologic surgeon and physician since 2005. At Emory University he headed the department’s pelvic pain and endometriosis programs, led ventures to enhance minimally invasive gynecologic surgery, and operated as the Chief of Gynecology at Grady Memorial Hospital. His commitment to innovation and excellence in surgical methods is frequently seen, both in his own work and by those who he has educated and inspired through his practice.

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