Managed Services for Surgical Practices

Great Tools For Smart Practices

The field of aesthetic medicine is always experiencing change, from the evolution of new and better treatments and procedures thanks to new technologies, to new breakthroughs in the science of the human body, to more and more patients taking charge of their health and their appearance. In order to stay current, grow, and succeed, a practice must stay ahead of the curve.

It is important to remember that a great cosmetic surgery center or MedSpa practice must do more than just offer trending procedures. It is important to gain your clients’ trust and build a rapport with each and every patient so that they feel comfortable knowing you have their best interests, needs, and goals in mind. It is not necessary to offer every procedure in the world. It is better to specialize in certain treatments and procedures while staying up-to-date on advancements in those same treatments and procedures.

We pride ourselves on our positive client feedback, knowing that we have succeeded in going above and beyond their wants and needs. We appreciate you evaluating vConfidence (and the brand owner MedShift  and would enjoy speaking with you about joining the team.  We can be reached at any time via email @ or by phone (800) 980-0522.  vConfidence is the trademarked property and patient facing brand of MedShift- a leader in aesthetic practice platforms, device technology, research and analytics.