Few people realize just how common incontinence is for women in this country. As experts in the field of women’s health, vConfidence specialists now offer laser-based treatments for women to help them with all of the different issues involving urinary incontinence.

What Is Incontinence?

Incontinence can be triggered by a number of different factors, which is why we at vConfidence address the underlying root of the problem. Many women see their collagen levels dropping after giving birth, during menopause, after receiving treatment for cancer, or because of various medicines, genetic factors, or issues relating to aging. When collagen levels are lowered, the body’s ability to regenerate muscular tissue stops a condition that can lead to areas of the urinary tract and bladder to degrade, leading to issues with urinary incontinence. Medical professionals have determined that one of the core factors in urinary incontinence is when a woman’s body produces less collagen.

How Does vConfidence Treat Incontinence?

vConfidence offers breakthrough technology that allows for the discrete treatment of incontinence by using a laser-based therapy. vConfidence laser resurfacing treatments send pulses of focused light on the surface of the inner walls of the urinary tract to stimulate new muscle tissue regeneration. vConfidence treatments are completely safe, fast, and trusted procedures that cause no pain or discomfort. vConfidence is an expert in women’s vaginal health, using the latest advances in technology to achieve positive results when treating urinary incontinence.

What Are the Results?

The majority of patients begin to experience the benefits within the first week. To achieve the full benefit of resolving urinary incontinence symptoms, it is recommended that women undergo three treatments at one-month intervals. As the muscle tissue that regulates urine flow and the operation of the bladder begins to produce new collagen, issues related to vaginal atrophy are resolved, leading to improved bladder control.

It is normal for most post-menopausal women and post-partum women to experience some form of urinary incontinence. Even younger women who give birth vaginally may experience some symptoms of urinary incontinence. Now, thanks to breakthrough treatments from vConfidence, no women have to live with incontinence any longer. Women can receive the help they need to live a life of confidence and security thanks to the benefits that vConfidence can provide. Contact us today to find out how this advanced, pain-free treatment can safely and quickly address your concerns and symptoms.

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