Aging or childbirth, may cause women to be unsatisfied with the appearance of their vagina. vConfidence Certified Doctors in Long Island, NY offer a revolutionary treatment called Intima that restores the appearance of the vagina without surgery or downtime.

What Is Intima?

The Intima treatment uses a laser to tighten the tissues of the vagina, alleviating the symptoms of mild to moderate vaginal laxity. Women who live with vaginal laxity are not only affected in appearance but can also experience low self-esteem, decreased sexual performance, and decrease vaginal functioning. Intima is here to help.

Intima treatments can also help the relieve symptoms of UTIs, urinary incontinence, and vaginal dryness. Intima’s revolutionary technology uses a tool that is inserted into the vagina that uses photothermal laser energy to slightly heat up the vaginal walls. This stimulates the growth of new collagen which firms and shrinks the vaginal canal. Treatments take only 5 minutes. And while patients have reported visible results after one treatment, for optimal results it is recommended to do four treatments. It is also recommended to space treatments at four-week intervals.

With Long Island, NY vConfidence Certified Doctors serving Queens, Brooklyn, Hempstead, and Huntington, you can find a vConfidence Certified Doctor near you.

Increase Libido With Intima in Long Island, New York

While an increased libido is usually the main reason why patients have Intima treatments, it is often a pleasant side effect. The treatment strengthens the muscles in the vagina and increases the blood flow to the region, resulting in higher self-esteem and libido.

Benefits of Intima

Two of the best benefits about Intima is that it does not require surgery and downtime. You can walk out of your treatment knowing results are just around the corner. You can also feel confident in your body while fixing any damage or changes after childbirth.

What Does Intima Feel Like?

Patients report feeling a warm and pleasant sensation during the treatment. And because it is a non-invasive treatment, there is virtually no pain involved.

Results Expected From Intima in Long Island, New York

It is recommended to do four treatments spaced four weeks apart for best results. Results can last up to six months and can be extended with additional touch up treatments.

Attaining the youthful, tight vagina you have been longing for is easier and less painful than you imagined. Contact a vConfidence Certified Doctor and schedule a consultation today.

Sharon Giese, MD knows women want. She is an internationally known plastic surgeon that has used her years in the field to enhance her patient’s health and confidence.

Dr. Wayne Wertheim has been practicing medicine for our 25 years. He continually expands his knowledge base by attending both national and international aesthetic conferences and advanced training seminars. The focus he puts on patient care is top notch.

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