For years, women of all ages have been unhappy with the appearance of their vagina. In recent years, surgery has been painful, elongated, and difficult. With the latest innovative technology, a revolutionary procedure known as Intima has changed the way doctors and patients view vaginal rejuvenation. Schedule a consultation today with one of our vConfidence certified doctors to learn more about the Intima in Manchester, NH and throughout the Greater Boston area. 

What is Intima in Manchester, NH?

Intima is an award-winning procedure is the first noninvasive labia remodeling device in the world to quickly and safely restore vaginal tone and flexibility with little to no discomfort. It is commonly used to treat dryness, itching, pain, or signs of childbirth and aging. Intima treatment restores vaginal flexibility, tone, and even shape. Vaginal looseness can not only affect the appearance of a vagina but functionality as well. It can affect your confidence, intimacy, and sexual performance. Intima was specifically designed to restore the vagina and labia to a youthful, pre-pregnancy appearance, but increased sexual satisfaction is an added bonus. Intima has one of the highest satisfaction ratings out of all vaginal rejuvenation procedures, with 95 percent of patients expressing moderate to dramatic improvements in the function and appearance of their vagina.

What is the Procedure for Intima from vConfidence?

Intima works by tightening the vaginal muscle using photo-thermal laser energy. This innovation and revolutionary therapy stimulates reproduction of healthy collagen fibers while shrinking and firming the vaginal canal and labia from within. Results are often visible after just one, 5-minute treatment session, but a series of four treatments are ideal for optimal results. If you’re worried about the procedure being painful, know that Intima is a completely noninvasive treatment, and the majority of patients experience a pleasant, warming sensation throughout the procedure. There have been a handful of patients that experienced notable changes after only a single treatment session. While this may be quick and exciting, vConfidence recommends all patients to complete the four suggested treatments to attain best lasting results.

It is clear why Intima has quickly gained attention, Intima was the winner in the “Most Innovative Treatment or Service” category at the 2015 MyFaceMyBody Awards. Taking extreme notice for the incisionless, non-surgical approach to vaginal rejuvenation, with a quick process and a minimal downtime post-procedure.

Intima can effectively treat damage and undesirable changes following childbirth, vaginal laxity, moderate labia minora hypertrophy, labia minora asymmetry, and more. Contact a vConfidence Certified Doctor to learn more about Intima in Manchester, NH and throughout the Greater Boston area today to get a consultation.

Jeanne Goley, NP is the Medical Director and Pelle Medical Spa in Manchester, New Hampshire. She holds a Master’s of Science from the University of South Alabama. Jeanne treats a variety of women’s health conditions by utilizing fractional CO2 technologies.

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