vConfidence Certified Doctors in Omaha, NE are able to offer revolutionary Intima treatments. This vaginal restoration treatment is quick, easy, and effective. It’s designed to make women feel more confident about their bodies.

vConfidence certified physicians in Omaha, Nebraska can use the technology of Intima to help women improve the way they look at feel. Intima is one of the first vaginal rejuvenation treatments that eliminates the need for a scalpel. This laser procedure is quick, easy, and painless. Intima can help women see the results they want much faster than other treatments.

What is Intima?

Intima is a laser-based treatment that is used to repair vaginal laxity. It’s designed to treat anywhere from mild to moderate laxity, and the treatment can be adjusted to help women achieve customized results. Many women find that after they have children, they’d benefit from a treatment like Intima.

Some women experience vaginal dryness (called dyspareunia) during or after menopause. Intima can also address concerns of dryness, remedying painful intercourse and a decreased libido.

Intima can also treat moderate hypertrophy of the labia minora, as well as asymmetry of the labia minora.

What Does the vConfidence Intima Treatment Do?

The Intima treatment addresses issues without any surgery. There are no incisions, and the recovery time is quick. Depending on the level of treatment, some women may not experience any downtime at all. The treatment utilizes a laser that emits photo-thermal energy to the interior of the vagina. This boosts collagen production that your body uses to strengthen the vaginal canal, as well as the supporting muscles.

The end result is increased firmness and better elasticity. Intima works on all vagina tissue, and can be used on the interior as well as the exterior of the vaginal area.

How Does the vConfidence Intima Treatment in Omaha, NE Work?

An intra-vaginal laser device is used to achieve the patient’s goals. Most of the time, three treatments at four weeks apart is the ideal treatment plan. Within a year following the completion of your Intima treatment, it’s usually best to come back for a touch up to help maintain the results. The Intima treatment is safe, it isn’t painful, and it may produce instant results after the first treatment.

Since the Intima treatment doesn’t involve any surgery, most women are ready to bounce right back. The downtime isn’t significant, and there isn’t much of a healing process. Intima won’t disrupt your life.

You can contact one of our vConfidence Certified Doctors in Omaha, NE to discuss starting your Intima treatments.

Dr. Frank Soto Leon is certified by the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine, holding multiple degrees from several prestigious universities. He is a vConfidence Certified Doctor who specializes in obtaining remarkable results through the use of advanced laser techniques, helping his patients feel happier and healthier.

Dr. Jennifer Tighe de Soto is a vConfidence Certified Doctor in Omaha, Nebraska. Helping women boost their self-esteem is very important to her, and it’s what motivates her to work so hard. She enjoys helping her patients love their bodies and inspiring their confidence.

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