One of the most requested procedures at vConfidence is a laser reduction labiaplasty in Las Vegas, NV. This procedure, ideal for women seeking an improved appearance of oversized or protruding labia minora, does not require surgery or downtime.  

What is Labiaplasty in Las Vegas, NV?

For the best aesthetic improvement, the highly skilled surgeons at vConfidence can help you reshape your labia minora to achieve an improved appearance. Women often seek labiaplasty to decrease excess prepuce. This improves the overall appearance of the vaginal area, boosts confidence, and creates a more youthful appearance.

How does vConfidence Work to Treat Labiaplasty?

vConfidence is happy to offer two different forms of labioplasty to our patients:

  • Non-Surgical vConfidence labiaplasty – For this procedure, a vConfidence physician uses either the FemiLift™, FemTouch™, Intima fractional CO2 laser or the Viveve™ RF device to rejuvenate vaginal tissues, promote collagen production, and shrink the labia minora and majora without removing any tissue. Treatment with the MonaLisa Touch® laser does not produce external tightening. Although surgical treatment also creates amazing results, you may prefer these methods as they require less downtime and are not as expensive.
  • Surgical vConfidence labiaplasty – This option allows you to address cosmetic concerns that may be affecting your intimacy. The procedure is brief and begins with special sutures that get placed in designated areas of the labia minora. Once prepped, a scalpel or customized laser is used to complete the labiaplasty. Once the treatment is finished, staples are placed along the edges of the labia to encourage proper healing. A dissolvable suture is also placed to close the edges. In many cases our non-surgical labiaplasty option can achieve the tightening you are looking for.

Is There Downtime Following the Treatment?

Labiaplasty completed with fractional CO2 laser technology or a Viveve™ radiofrequency device does not require any downtime. Immediately after the treatment, you can resume your regular activities.

As opposed to other surgical options, the non-surgical vConfidence external tightening of the labia does not lead to any significant downtime. Following the procedure, you may experience a bit of swelling that lasts for a day or so.

What Are the Results?

You will be amazed at the results of the treatment! vConfidence laser-based procedures allow for precise reconstruction of the vaginal tissue with almost no hassle or downtime.

How Does Treatment from vConfidence Feel?

The majority of our patients describe the treatment as comfortable and pain-free. You will be assisted by a vConfidence approved doctor to keep you as comfortable as possible during the treatment.

If you desire increased confidence, improved intimacy, and an increased quality of life, you may want to consider labiaplasty in Las Vegas, LA. vConfidence offers a minimally invasive treatment method to address your aesthetic concerns without the need for invasive, uncomfortable procedures. Please contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.

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