If you are interested in labiaplasty in Manchester, NH and throughout the Greater Boston area, a vConfidence Certified Doctor  can provide treatment for you. One of our skilled surgeons can help you meet your cosmetic goals.

Labiaplasty in Manchester, NH

Labiaplasty is a procedure that reduces the size of the labia minora to meet your cosmetic goals. It is one of the most commonly performed vaginal rejuvenation procedures. It is one of our most popular procedures for women who want to reduce the appearance of a protruding or large labia minora or have discomfort caused by twisting or tugging.

What is the Treatment for Labiaplasty from vConfidence?

There are two options for a vConfidence labiaplasty, surgical or non-surgical. Both treatments offer a speedy recovery that will allow you to quickly resume your regular activities. Find out which treatment is best suited for you.

  • Non-surgical vConfidence labiaplasty – The vConfidence certified doctor will utilize the Femilift™, FemTouch™, Intima fractional CO2laser, or the Viveve® RF device. These rejuvenate the skin tissues and promote tightening collagen production to shrink the labia majora and minora, without removing any tissue.
  • Surgical vConfidence labiaplasty – This common and simple procedure allows you to discreetly and delicately address cosmetic issues. The procedure begins with sutures placed in the marked area of the labia minora. A customized laser is then used to perform the labiaplasty. Once completed, skin staples are placed on the edges of the labia to promote proper healing, and the edges are closed with an absorbable suture.

These options reshape or reduce the labia skin and will improve comfort levels and give you the freedom and confidence to wear certain clothing, bikinis, or lingerie. Contact a vConfidence Certified Doctor to learn more about labiaplasty in Manchester, NH and throughout the Greater Boston area today.

Jeanne Goley, NP is the Medical Director and Pelle Medical Spa in Manchester, New Hampshire. She holds a Master’s of Science from the University of South Alabama. Jeanne treats a variety of women’s health conditions by utilizing fractional CO2 technologies. Jeanne Goley specializes in the cosmetic treatment of labiaplasty and guarantees a simple and easy procedure.

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