If you are suffering from urinary tract infections, stress urinary incontinence, laxity, dyspareunia, or vaginal dryness, a vConfidence Certified Doctor near you can provide treatment for you. Indeed, one of our specially trained doctors at vConfidence can provide a long-lasting solution to your urinary tract infections, stress urinary incontinence, laxity, dyspareunia, or vaginal dryness. Find out more about ThermiVA™ in Charlotte, NC. 

vConfidence Certified Doctors in Charlotte, NC may decide the cause and suggest an efficient treatment in instances of recurrent or complicated UTIs, stress urinary incontinence, laxity, dyspareunia, or vaginal dryness.

What is ThermiVA™?

ThermiVA™ is a new type of energy medicine which utilizes heat therapy generated through RF (radio frequency) waves to promote shrinkage, collagen synthesis, as well as tightening of female tissues. ThermiVA™ provides an alternative and smart option for female rejuvenation which is pain-free, non-invasive, and non-surgical. Research shows that using ThermiVA™ produces improvements in:

  • Vaginal Tightness: Vaginal tightening happens at the vaginal opening, as well as throughout the complete course of the vagina. Females and their partners immediately see these changes after the treatments.
  • Over-Active Bladder/Mild-to-Moderate Stress Incontinence: Decrease urinary urge and leaking.
  • Orgasmic or Sexual Dysfunction: Treatments might boost nerve sensitivity, strengthen pelvic floor muscular contractions and ability to accomplish orgasms in a briefer time span.
  • Labial Cosmetic Appearance: Will tighten labial tissues and aids in reducing sagging, camel toe appearance as well as results in softer and smoother skin. Also, women have more comfort in snug clothes like leotards, jeans, and bikinis, and have less awareness.
  • Atrophic Vaginitis/Vaginal Dryness: Vaginal moisture both outside and in boosts and helps thicken and soften vulva-vaginal skin. Those changes produce more sexual satisfaction and less sexual pain.
  • Prolapse: Vulva-vaginal tissue tightens while undergoing the ThermiVA™ procedure, and results in a pulling in or tightening of the prolapsed organs. Studies show an improvement in prolapse by as high as a single grade decrease after ThermiVA™ therapy.

ThermiVA™ in Charlotte, NC

The vConfidence treatment in Charlotte, NC ThermiVA™ process takes 30 to 45 minutes, is pain-free as well as requires no downtime for recovery. Individuals may resume routine activity and sex function upon the same day.

Our vConfidence Certified Doctor in Charlotte, NC informs that ThermiVA™ treatments are relaxing, gentle, and feel similar to a warm, internal massage. The treatment is done in a private and relaxing treatment room upon a traditional massage table. “S”-shaped probes are gently used on outside labia in order to improve appearance. The exact same “S” probe may be inside the vagina to decrease vaginal laxity, incontinence, and prolapse. The ThermiVA™ treatment, for orgasm dysfunction, includes applying an “S”-shaped wand to a patient’s clitoral region to improve sexual response and improve nerve sensitivity.

Contact a vConfidence Certified Doctor in Charlotte, NC, today to provide you with effective treatment for your UTIs, stress urinary incontinence, laxity, dyspareunia, or vaginal dryness.

Dr. Edward J. Bednar is a double board-certified plastic surgeon and is proud to celebrate 30 years serving people from Charlotte and destinations around the world. As a vConfidence-certified physician, Dr. Bednar applies his artistic talent and surgical excellence to assist his patients in achieving their cosmetic objectives.

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