Women in and around Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, know about the great vaginal rejuvenation results that come with vConfidence certified providers. The procedures resolve some of the most common and frustrating vaginal health issues and are approved for anyone from post-partum women in their 20s to post-menopausal women in their 50s.

What is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Do you pee when you sneeze, cough, or exercise? Does the urge to pee in the middle of the night causing you to lose sleep? Are you avoiding sex because of vaginal pain? Do you miss the stronger sexual sensations you experienced before childbirth or menopause? Or, like many women, do you suffer from recurring UTIs, bacterial infections, or yeast infections?

A 30-minute, non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation procedure with a vConfidence Certified Doctor can knock out or seriously diminish these symptoms. No need for drugs, surgery, needles, or downtime!

vConfidence Certified Doctors in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, deliver vaginal rejuvenation that empowers women by restoring their self-esteem and confidence. The procedure gives women better vaginal muscle tone, strength, and control, solving these bothersome issues and allowing them to reclaim their femininity.

Our skilled gynecologists, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists perform vaginal rejuvenation procedures using the best vConfidence-approved laser and radio frequency-based equipment. Throughout the United States, specialty trained vConfidence doctors utilize only the latest technology.

How Does vConfidence Treat Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Our vConfidence approved doctors use radiofrequency and fractional CO2 lasers to rebuild the collagen growth factors in your mucosal lining. This causes more youthful vaginal tissue to grow, while at the same time contracting the tissue lining for a tighter and more effectively lubricated, internal system.

Make a vConfidence vaginal rejuvenation consultation today to create a treatment plan based on your needs. During the consultation, your vConfidence Certified Doctor in Oklahoma City will speak with you about your current symptoms and how to help you meet your goals.

What Are The Results?

95% of vConfidence patients experience either a complete resolution or a notable reduction in the following symptoms:

  • Post-partum or post-atrophy menopause loss of sensation
  • Overactive bladder and stress urinary or urge incontinence
  • Vaginal pH imbalance
  • Painful vaginal dryness
  • Recurring UTIs and bacterial or yeast infections
  • Vaginal laxity, or a loose-feeling vagina

Vaginal rejuvenation from vConfidence vaginal health experts in Oklahoma City, OK, can return your confidence without surgery or downtime. To start enjoying your active, healthy life again, contact us today! You can find your nearest vConfidence Certified Doctor here.

Dr. Lori Hansen graduated from the University of Oklahoma Medical School and completed her ENT residency at both the University of Alabama at Birmingham and the University of Oklahoma Medical Center. Dr. Hansen’s medical accomplishments are equally as noteworthy as her achievements and outreach initiatives in women’s issues.

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