Vaginal rejuvenation using vConfidence technology has significantly improved the lives of numerous women living in and around Portland, OR. Women of all ages can experience this treatment, and many have used it successfully in the postpartum or menopausal periods. vConfidence vaginal rejuvenation can be used to improve and resolve numerous vaginal conditions that can lead to pain and embarrassment.

What Is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation is a process used to restore lost tone in the vagina and to improve a variety of irritating and personally embarrassing symptoms. It can decrease stress incontinence, recurring yeast infections, painful urination, urinary tract infections and painful intercourse. It can also tighten the vaginal walls and improve sensation in your vagina, leading to more fulfilling sexual intercourse. vConfidence Certified Doctors in Portland, OR, deliver vaginal rejuvenation in a clinic setting with no pain, no surgery and little to no recovery time needed. In fact, women can experience significantly improved symptoms in 30 minutes or less.

Vaginal rejuvenation can improve a woman’s self-esteem and sense of feminine empowerment by improving a host of irritating and painful symptoms and by creating more fulfilling intimate relationships. With vConfidence, women in Portland, OR, can improve the health of their vaginas painlessly and precisely. vConfidence vaginal rejuvenation requires no surgery or drugs yet can improve vaginal tone and strength as well as urinary control. Our team of highly skilled gynecologists, plastic surgeons and dermatologists work with women using the latest in laser and radiofrequency technologies. In offices across the United States, women realize that they no longer have to live with painful symptoms, such as dysuria and painful intercourse.

How Does vConfidence Treat Vaginal Rejuvenation?

vConfidence vaginal rejuvenation is always provided by a doctor who is certified in approved techniques. This healthcare professional will chat with you before the treatment begins to learn what you hope to achieve with the treatment and to understand what symptoms you are currently experiencing. Our certified doctors in Portland, OR, are authorities on vaginal rejuvenation as well as on the uses of vConfidence treatments. vConfidence uses lasers or radiofrequency energy to remodel the tissues of the vagina. These tissues are then triggered to produce more collagen and elastin, thus improving vaginal tone. Additionally, the vaginal tissues will become better hydrated, leading to less painful intercourse. Overall, the vagina will regain some of its youth.

What Are the Results?

We have found that 95% of our Portland, OR, patients report a decrease or a resolution of the following symptoms:

  • Poor vaginal sensation in the postpartum or menopausal periods
  • Stress incontinence, urinary urgency and overactive bladder
  • Poor vaginal pH
  • Dry vaginal mucosa leading to painful sexual intercourse
  • Yeast infections and UTIs
  • Poor vaginal tone with decreased sensations during intercourse

Treatment with vConfidence can help women in Portland, OR, regain the pleasure of their intimate relationships while building their self-confidence and self-esteem. vConfidence vaginal rejuvenation can be quickly accomplished with no pain and no need for surgery. Find out more about vConfidence today, and look for a vConfidence Certified Doctor near your home.

Dr. Richard Rosenfield of Pearl Women’s Center completed his residency training at Stanford University Hospital and has been practicing medicine since 2000. He has a great passion for women’s healthcare and his minimally invasive methods to surgical procedures have garnered him a large clientele base and made him well known for his surgical talents.

Dr. Nicholas Fogelson of Pearl Women’s Center has been working as a fellowship-trained gynecologic surgeon and physician since 2005. At Emory University he headed the department’s pelvic pain and endometriosis programs, led ventures to enhance minimally invasive gynecologic surgery, and operated as the Chief of Gynecology at Grady Memorial Hospital. His commitment to innovation and excellence in surgical methods is frequently seen, both in his own work and by those who he has educated and inspired through his practice.

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