Most women experience a urinary tract infection (UTI) during their lifetime. If you have a urinary tract infection in Baltimore, MD, our vConfidence-certified doctors can provide the relief that you need.

More than 3.6 million women (and men) visit their primary care physician for a UTI every single year and are considered to be the most common bacterial infection. Up to 60% of women will experience the discomfort and pain during their lifetime that a Urinary Tract Infection can create in a very sensitive area. The symptoms typically last up to 6 days with diminished mobility for approximately 2.5 days. While typically minor, UTIs can be indicative of more serious problems. Also, they can be alarming during pregnancy and incidents involving catheters.

Types of UTIs

There are five types of UTIs:

  • Acute uncomplicated UTI- UTI infections found in young, healthy women. 80% of uncomplicated UTIs are caused by E. coli.
  • Recurrent cystitis- UTIs which completely heal but come back. This is not to be confused with persistent cystitis which never completely gets resolved.
  • Acute uncomplicated pyelonephritis
  • Complicated UTIs – generally speaking, the patients with complicated UTIs are older, unhealthy, and gravid.
  • Asymptomatic Bacteriuria

The specific type of urinary tract infection that the patient has will determine the treatment and the seriousness of the case. Diagnosis comes from a nitrate test, a urine dipstick test, a microscopy, or collection of bacterial culture. Urine dipstick tests produce the fastest results, but the test can produce a false negative if the patient has taken phenazopyridine. Culture results can take 24- 48 hours, but they are the most accurate.

Am I Susceptible to a UTI?

You may be more likely to get a UTI if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • Engage in frequent sexual intercourse
  • Experience delayed postictal voiding
  • Have had a recent UTI
  • Use diaphragm and spermicide
  • Selected antimicrobial agents

UTI Treatment in Baltimore, MD

vConfidence treatments find minimally invasive ways to keep you feeling comfortable and keeping you healthy. UTI treatments using antibiotics have been especially successful. Treatment lengths can vary from one to seven to ten-day treatments. One-day treatments are only successful about 60% of the time. Three-day options are now an option, and they have similar success rates to seven-ten day treatments. Urinary tract infections usually cost the patient about $140 per occurrence and cost patients 1.6 billion annually. Going to your local doctor to get UTI treatments will speed up your relief and determine if any more serious problems may be causing your symptoms.

Contact your local vConfidence certified doctor in Baltimore, MD to find the best UTI treatment for your condition.

Dr. Maria Canter is a board-certified gynecologist and offers minimally invasive treatments in the Baltimore, MD area. She uses her education and expertise to find the perfect solution for each one of her patients, emphasizing the importance of comfort and education.

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