The MonaLisa Touch® in Boca Raton, FL, is similar to the other regeneration techniques used for the recreation of vaginal tissues in females. The re-strengthened tissues help prevent future medical complications and issues like the incontinence in the urinary tract, dryness in the vagina and the laxity. It is also used to treat possible vaginal and urinary tract issues. The treatment triggers the re-growth of the vaginal tissues through new and fresh collagen production which is boosted after the treatment.

What is the MonaLisa Touch® in Boca Raton, FL?

The MonaLisa Touch® is a technologically advanced treatment that helps in strengthening and the genital mucosa and helps in restoring vigor and health to the targeted area of treatments. The thermal energy that is directed at the vaginal tissues is created through CO2 laser energy. The pulsating energy beams are delivered with modification in the pulses as per requirement. The treatment is completed within 20 minutes, and the patient does not feel violated at any cost. The treatment does not require anesthesia of any kind as it is a very simple procedure. The dryness occurs due to lack of fibrocytes; the tissues become metabolically dormant due to lack of production of hyaluronic acid. The connective tissues end up dry, and the treatment can help boost the wetness in the vagina.

MonaLisa Touch® Treatment and Recovery

MonaLisa Touch® does not require long-term sittings or many visits. In as little as one and as many as three sittings, the treatment can help in strengthening the tissues. The process is pain-free, and there is no rest time or recovery time required. MonaLisa Touch® allows the patients to resume their normal activities without any hassle.

The patient satisfaction track record for MonaLisa Touch® is high, and this is why people are opting for this treatment. The MonaLisa Touch® in Boca Raton helps restore the young vaginal tissues and restore a patient’s confidence.

Like other vaginal rejuvenation treatments, MonaLisa Touch® helps empower women and allows them to resume their routine life without any low self-esteem or worries. The vConfidence certified doctors who provide the treatment are all professionals, who make sure that you, as the patient, is at ease. Our doctors will answer all your queries and questions and remove any kinds of possible doubts that you might have. Once you are confident about having the treatment then only, they will give you a date for the procedure.

To learn more about vaginal rejuvenation treatment options, contact a vConfidence certified doctor in Boca Raton, FL or the neighboring communities and schedule a consultation.

Dr. Ninoutchka Dejean is board certified by the American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology. She is fluent in Spanish and French, and has dedicated her career to women wellness for more than a decade.

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