If you are suffering from atrophic vaginitis, a vConfidence Certified Doctor in Charlotte, NC can provide treatment for you. Indeed, one of our specially trained doctors at vConfidence can provide a long-lasting solution to your atrophic vaginitis.

vConfidence Certified Doctors in Charlotte, NC may decide the cause and suggest an efficient treatment in instances of recurrent or complicated atrophic vaginitis.

What is MonaLisa Touch® in Charlotte, NC?

MonaLisa Touch® is a highly functional treatment for vaginal rejuvenation that is based on a specialized fractional CO2 laser, which is uniquely crafted for the vaginal mucosa. MonaLisa Touch® resolves and prevents estrogen drops inside the vaginal tissue (usually occurring after childbirth or during menopause) by re-activating the generation of new collagen, as well as reestablishing the conditions which the vaginal mucosa, at one time, had.

MonaLisa Touch® now is the most efficient non-pharmacological and non-surgical option for treating and preventing vaginal atrophy and the after-effects, which the majority of women experience after childbirth and during menopause.

How does MonaLisa Touch® Work?

A CO2 laser softly acts on the patient’s vaginal walls via a specialized scanner, and creates indistinguishable micro-lesions which are needed for causing a neocollagenesis process (generation of new collagen) and re-equilibrating and reorganizing the elements of the vaginal mucosa.

Therefore, the laser’s action painlessly and safely reestablishes and reactivates the correct function of the patient’s relative urogenital structures while additionally improving the symptoms relates to urinary dysfunction (a mild incontinence that is caused by stress).
Tissue regeneration processes that last a number of weeks are triggered, yet stimulation immediately occurs, and substantial improvements may be witnessed even after the initial treatment.

MonaLisa Touch® Treatment from vConfidence in Charlotte, NC

vConfidence treatment in Charlotte, NC will show that the mucosa tissue becomes more hydrated and nourished and epithelium becomes more toned, thicker, and elastic. In addition, it reestablishes the right vaginal pH, helping to maintain its natural protective barrier, as well as decreases the risk of infection.

Our vConfidence Certified Doctor offers an easy treatment that lasts just a couple of minutes, without recovery time, side effects, or pain. The MonaLisa Touch® in Charlotte gives the tissue the elasticity and tone it, at one time, had, with positive effects upon someone’s personal relationships and quality of life.

Contact a vConfidence Certified Doctor in Charlotte, NC, today to provide you with effective treatment for your atrophic vaginitis.

Dr. Edward J. Bednar is a double board-certified plastic surgeon and is proud to celebrate 30 years serving people from Charlotte and destinations around the world. As a vConfidence-certified physician, Dr. Bednar applies his artistic talent and surgical excellence to assist his patients in achieving their cosmetic objectives.

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