If you are suffering from a urinary tract infection (UTI), a vConfidence Certified Doctor in Charlotte, NC can provide treatment for you. Indeed, one of our specially trained doctors at vConfidence can provide a long-lasting solution to your UTI problems.

vConfidence Certified Doctors in Charlotte, NC can determine the cause and recommend an effective treatment in cases of complicated or recurrent UTIs. Antibiotics are the typical treatment for urinary tract infections. The drugs prescribed are dependent on the length of time of your health condition and the kind of bacteria discovered in the urine.

Females are at a higher risk of developing a urinary tract infection than males. Infections restricted to your bladder may be annoying and painful. Severe consequences may arise if a urinary tract infection spreads to the kidneys.

What Are UTI / Urinary Tract Infection Symptoms?

UTIs do not always trigger signs and symptoms, but if they do, they might include:

  • A persistent, strong urge to urinate
  • Burning sensation while urinating
  • Passing small, frequent quantities of urine
  • Urine which looks cloudy
  • Urine which looks cola-colored, bright pink, or red — an indication of blood in the urine
  • Urine that smells strong
  • In women, pelvic pain — particularly in the middle of the pelvis and the pubic bone area

Urinary tract infections might be mistaken for other conditions or overlooked in seniors.

UTI Treatment in Charlotte, NC

vConfidence treatment in Charlotte, NC usually treats with antibiotics first. If there’s a simple UTI infection, drugs may be offered. The group of antibiotic medications called fluoroquinolones — like levofloxacin (Levaquin), ciprofloxacin (Cipro), and other ones — are not typically suggested for simple urinary tract infections, as the risks of those medications commonly outweigh the advantages for treating uncomplicated urinary tract infections. In some instances, like a complicated urinary tract infection or kidney infection, your physician may prescribe a fluoroquinolone medication if no additional treatment choice exists. Within a few days of treatment, oftentimes, symptoms clear up. However, you might have to continue antibiotics for one or more weeks. Take the whole antibiotic course as prescribed.

vConfidence Certified Doctors in Charlotte, NC can also treat frequent infections. Your physician might make specific treatment suggestions, like:

• Low-dose antibiotics, at first, for six months (occasionally longer)
• Self-treatment and diagnosis, if you remain in touch with the physician
• One antibiotic dose after intercourse if the infections are associated with sexual activity
• Vaginal estrogen therapy, if you are postmenopausal

vConfidence Certified Doctors in Charlotte, NC also treat severe infections. For severe UTIs, you might require treatment with IV antibiotics inside a hospital.

Contact a vConfidence Certified Doctor in Charlotte, NC, today to provide you with effective treatment for your UTI.

Dr. Edward J. Bednar is a double board-certified plastic surgeon and is proud to celebrate 30 years serving people from Charlotte and destinations around the world. As a vConfidence-certified physician, Dr. Bednar applies his artistic talent and surgical excellence to assist his patients in achieving their cosmetic objectives.

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