If you are suffering from a yeast infection, a vConfidence Certified Doctor in Charlotte, NC can provide treatment for you. Indeed, one of our specially trained doctors at vConfidence can provide a long-lasting solution to your yeast infection problems.

vConfidence Certified Doctors in Charlotte, NC may determine the cause and recommend an effective treatment in cases of complicated or recurrent yeast infections. A vConfidence doctor can provide treatment that helps the vagina to be able to naturally balance pH levels and fight the outburst of bad bacteria before it leads to an infection. vConfidence treatment may help resolve recurring yeast infections by more permanently balancing vaginal pH levels without the use of cream or medication.

What is a Yeast Infection?

Vaginal yeast infections, additionally referred to as candidiasis, are a typical female condition. Healthy vaginas have bacteria and a few yeast cells. However, as the balance of yeast and bacteria changes, yeast cells may multiply. It produces irritation, swelling, and intense itching. Treating vaginal yeast infections may alleviate symptoms within a couple of days. In more serious cases, it might take as long as two weeks.

Yeast Infection Symptoms

A vaginal yeast infection has a common symptom set, like:

  • rash
  • redness
  • soreness
  • pain during sex
  • burning during sex or urination
  • swelling that surrounds the vagina
  • vaginal itching

Clumpy and whitish gray vaginal discharge is another telltale symptom. Some folks say the discharge appears similar to cottage cheese. The discharge might also be watery sometimes.

Yeast Infection Treatment

vConfidence treatment in Charlotte, NC knows that every yeast infection is different; therefore, your physician will recommend a treatment that is appropriate for you. Generally, treatments are determined based upon the severity of the symptoms.

vConfidence Certified Doctors in Charlotte, NC can treat simple or complicated infections by more permanently balancing vaginal pH levels without the use of cream or medication.

vConfidence Certified Doctors in Charlotte, NC will likely treat the yeast infection as a complicated or severe case, if you:

  • are HIV-positive
  • have a weak immune system from medicines or uncontrolled diabetes
  • are pregnant
  • have an infection that is caused by Candida other than albicans
  • had over four yeast infections in one year
  • experience serious itching, swelling, or redness, leading to tears or sores in vaginal tissue

If the infection is recurring, you also may want to check if your intimate partner has a yeast infection. Keep in mind to use condoms while having sex if you have suspicions that either of you suffers a yeast infection.

Contact a vConfidence Certified Doctor in Charlotte, NC, today to provide you with effective treatment for your yeast infection.

Dr. Edward J. Bednar is a double board-certified plastic surgeon and is proud to celebrate 30 years serving people from Charlotte, NC and destinations around the world. As a vConfidence-certified physician, Dr. Bednar applies his artistic talent and surgical excellence to assist his patients in achieving their cosmetic objectives.

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