vConfidence Certified Doctors in Long Island, NY offer FemiLift™ a laser treatment that can help women achieve their desired vaginal appearance by tightening the vagina. It can also help boost sexual satisfaction and help treat infections and other urinary issues. The treatment is non-invasive, non-surgical, and has little to no downtime.

What Is FemiLift™ Vaginal Rejuvenation in Long Island, NY?

FemiLift™ is a state of the art laser treatment that helps women gain the desired appearance of their vagina as well as help relieve vaginal dryness, tighten the vagina, and reduce incontinence. The treatments are non-invasive take 10 to 20 minutes from start to finish. FemiLift™ uses a laser to stimulate the growth of new collagen that in turn restores the tissues in the vagina. This leads to more youthful tissues, increases the ability for self-lubrication, and improves women’s ability to control their bladder.

How Does FemiLift™ Work?

A vaginal shaped device is inserted into the vagina and tiny hair-sized microfractures are created with the use of a CO2 laser. This stimulates the cells around it so they grow back, causing the vagina to naturally produce more collagen. The collagen tightens the vagina and restores tissues.

What Are FemiLift™ Treatments Like?

Treatments usually last around 10 to 20 minutes. Patients have reported seeing results after just one treatment, however it is recommended to complete at least three treatments. However, the number of treatments needed depend on your individual situation and goals. Schedule a consultation with a vConfidence Certified Doctor to learn more about treatment options. The network of vConfidence Certified Doctors in Long Island, NY also service Queens, Brooklyn, Hempstead, and Huntington. It is recommended to space treatments out and allow a month in between each treatment.

What Are Results Like?

Some of the best benefits of the FemiLift™ treatment option is that there is virtually no downtime and the treatment is pain-free. This is the best way to get long-term results without interrupting your daily life.

What Do Treatments Feel Like?

Patients have explained feelings of warm and a pleasant pulsing sensation during the treatment. The vConfidence staff will ensure every patient is relaxed and feels prepared for treatment and throughout their visit.

vConfidence Certified Doctors can help achieve patient’s’ vaginal appearance goals as well as treat urinary infections and issues. Contact us today to see how FemiLift™ can increase your self-esteem and quality of life.

Sharon Giese, MD is a plastic surgery expert and has been featured on CBS’ The Early Show, The Dr. Oz Show, FOX, TLC, ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s The Today Show. She has pioneered procedures and focuses on ensuring natural-looking results.

Dr. Wayne Wertheim has been practicing medicine in New York for over 25 years and has taught at both the Cornell University Medical College and the School of Medicine at the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

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