Suffering from a UTI? vConfidence Certified Doctors in Long Island, NY can help. They can help you find the right UTI Treatment for you and get you back to feeling normal in as little as three days.

What is a UTI?

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are considered the most common bacterial infection and are caused by bacterias, such as E. coli, that enter the urinary tract either through the urethra and/or the vagina and infect the bladder. Although both male and females can get a UTI, they are far more common in females, with fifty to sixty percent of women report having had a UTI sometime in their life.

Symptoms of a UTI

Common symptoms of a UTI include painful, urgent, and frequent urination; pain in the lower abdomen; cloudy, bloody, or discolored urine; and strong or unpleasant smelling urine. Most UTIs are considered uncomplicated. However there is a higher risk of getting a complicated UTI in patients who are pregnant, infants, elderly, in poor health, and have diabetes or AID/HIV.

Although there are some remedies to relieve the symptoms of a UTI, it is necessary to see a doctor for treatment to cure the infection and definitively stop the symptoms. If a UTI goes untreated for long period of time, it increases the risk of complication and the infection spreading to other parts of the body (i.e., kidneys).

UTI Treatment in Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Hempstead, and Huntington

vConfidence Certified Doctors can perform a procedure that is not only pain-free but is also non-invasive and doesn’t require surgery. This treatment provides patients with relief of current symptoms as well as helps prevent the patient from getting UTIs in the future. This non-invasive procedure has no downtime and will get you feeling back to normal sooner than traditional treatments.

With multiple vConfidence Certified Doctors in the New York area, finding a doctor to help you get rid of a urinary tract infection is easy and convenient. Whether you live in Queens, Brooklyn, Hempstead, or Huntington we can help you find the right doctor for you and provide you with the care you need to start feeling better faster. Contact a vConfidence Certified Doctor today.

Sharon Giese, MD, a Board Certified plastic surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, is internationally known for her talent and has pioneered the development of less invasive procedures to ensure natural looking results. As a vConfidence-certified physician, Dr. Giese is pleased to offer another way to non-surgically enhance her patient’s health and confidence.

Dr. Wayne Wertheim left his primary care practice, after exploring alternatives in non-invasive procedures and researching state of the art equipment and therapies. He is motivated by getting patients top-notch, effective, and affordable results, keeping safety as his number one goal.

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