If you are struggling with dysuria, let one of our vConfidence Certified Doctors in Omaha, NE help you. vConfidence trained doctors are able to treat dysuria with non-invasive, long-term solutions.

vConfidence certified physicians in Omaha, Nebraska can treat dysuria patients through a series of short, non-surgical laser procedures. These specially designed lasers are able to identify and repair the root cause of the dysuria in just a few sessions lasting about ten minutes. It’s an outpatient procedure with real results.

What is Dysuria?

Dysuria is a general term used to describe painful urination, which can be a standalone issue or an issue that happens as a side effect of another medical complication like a urinary tract infection.

Women sometimes experience dysuria during or after menopause. Since menopause significantly lowers natural estrogen levels, vaginal tissues are unable to repair themselves as easily. The weakening or loss of vaginal tissue is one of the main contributors to dysuria, though other factors may be at work.

Sometimes, dysuria comes as a side effect of a medical treatment. Certain medications or procedures, especially those associated with the treatments of certain cancers, may cause or exacerbate dysuria in some patients.

How to vConfidence Doctors in Omaha, NE Treat Dysuria?

In most cases, dysuria is a symptom of a UTI or a similar bacteria infection making it painful to urinate. vConfidence Certified Doctors in Omaha, NE treat dysuria by encouraging the body to repair itself. In cases where the root cause of dysuria is a UTI or a bacterial infection, especially if they are recurring problems, dysuria can be treated with a non-invasive outpatient laser procedure.

A radiofrequency device or a fractional CO2 laser is used to create tiny pinholes, so small that the patient can’t even feel them. These pinholes stimulate the body’s natural healing response, strengthening the surrounding tissues and rejuvenating the vaginal lining. This new lining restores proper PH balance, as well as the ratio of healthy bacteria.

The resulting boost of new collagen strengthens and hydrates the vaginal area, reserving signs of vaginal atrophy that can lead to frequent UTIs, or even bacterial vaginosis. Improved blood flow and a practically new mucosal lining are a long-term solution to the issue of dysuria, making it unlikely that the patient will experience painful urination any time in the near future.

You can contact one of our vConfidence Certified Doctors in Omaha, NE to discuss your treatment for dysuria.

Dr. Frank Soto Leon is certified by the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine, holding multiple degrees from several prestigious universities. He is a vConfidence Certified Doctor who specializes in obtaining remarkable results through the use of advanced laser techniques, helping his patients feel happier and healthier.

Dr. Jennifer Tighe de Soto is a vConfidence certified cosmetic surgeon in Omaha, Nebraska. She is familiar with both surgical and nonsurgical treatments to enhance the lives of her patients. She values the self-esteem and empowerment of her fellow women.

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