If you’re interested in FemiLift™ feminine restoration treatment, vConfidence Certified Doctors in Omaha, NE are able to provide those treatments for you. The FemiLift™ is an excellent alternative to older surgical methods, using advanced technology to achieve the same results without a scalpel.

vConfidence Certified Doctors in Omaha, Nebraska can use an advanced laser technology to address vaginal tightness, and even vaginal dryness. This laser is minimally invasive, and the procedure is absolutely painless. Why opt for surgery when you can see the same improvements quicker and easier?

What is FemiLift™?

FemiLift™ is a minimally invasive procedure designed to improve vaginal tightness, vaginal dryness, and most kinds of urinary incontinence. FemiLift™ is a laser-based treatment that targets the tissues that can cause vaginal laxity, dryness, or even incontinence when they’ve been damaged, weakened, or atrophied.

FemiLift™ treatments gently address the affected tissues by triggering healthier, stronger tissue growth. This leads to more youthful vaginal tissue, repairing the tissues that have been damaged due to an estrogen drop from menopause, childbirth, or other medical conditions.
FemiLift™ can improve the quality of intimacy, as well as bladder control in a few simple, painless treatments.

How Does the vConfidence FemiLift™ Treatment in Omaha, NE Work?

The FemiLift™ treatment comes from a third generation fractional CO2 laser. The laser probe is inserted into the vaginal canal, allowing it to accurately target and positively affect the entire area. The FemiLift™ laser treatment can also be used to resurface and reduce the labia minora and the labia majora. This allows the treatment to address labiaplasty and hymenoplasty in addition to vaginal tightening.

Most women will need three treatments – one a month for three months. These treatments only take a few minutes, and you will be able to notice the results immediately after the first visit.

What is the FemiLift™ Treatment Like?

Most women report that the FemiLift™ treatment feels like a gentle vibration or buzzing. The laser doesn’t hurt, because it penetrates past the first layer of skin to reach the tissue. Your vConfidence doctor will make sure you are relaxed throughout the brief procedure, and you’re unlikely to feel any kind of discomfort.

There’s no reason for any downtime after the FemiLift™ treatment. There are no wounds, and there is no pain. You won’t need to take time off work, and bedrest isn’t necessary. As soon as the treatment is done, you’re free to resume your day to day life. This is what makes FemiLift™ a perfect alternative to more invasive surgical options. There are no disruptions.

If you’re interested in FemiLift™ treatments, you can contact a vConfidence Certified Doctor in Omaha, NE to discuss starting your treatments.

Dr. Frank Soto Leon is certified by the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine, holding multiple degrees from several prestigious universities. He is a vConfidence Certified Doctor who specializes in obtaining remarkable results through the use of advanced laser techniques, helping his patients feel happier and healthier.

Dr. Jennifer Tighe de Soto is a board certified vConfidence doctor in Omaha, Nebraska. She uses both surgical and non-surgical techniques to improve the lives and confidence of her patients. She enjoys helping women feel empowered through a renewed sense of self-esteem.

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