There is a vConfidence certified doctor in the Plymouth, MI area that can help you diagnose and treat dysuria.

What is Dysuria?

Dysuria is painful urination. Typically, painful urination is caused by infection of a bacterium or bacteria along the urinary tract. Both men and women can suffer from dysuria.

Dysuria can occur in the lower or upper urinary tract and can sometimes stem from or turn into a kidney infection. Men and women with diabetes, bladder abnormalities, and those who frequently experience kidney stones are at a high risk for dysuria. In addition, pregnant women and men with an enlarged prostate are also at higher risk. Other diseases that lead to dysuria include urethritis, urethra inflammation, vaginal inflammation, and sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

Dysuria Symptoms

Dysuria has several common symptoms:

  • Frequent urination
  • Loss of bladder control
  • Cloudy urine
  • Bloody urine
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Pain in the lower front abdomen
  • Fever / body chills
  • Vomiting

How We Treat Dysuria in Plymouth, MI

Dysuria is treated according to the cause, bacteria will be treated by antibiotic, fungus will be treated with antifungal, and viruses will be treated by antivirals. If you are sexually active, both partners should be treated for dysuria.

First-time infections are easily treated but if the condition worsens to the point where you need medication four or five times within a year, your symptoms may be indicative of a more serious problem.

To learn more about dysuria treatment, contact a vConfidence certified doctor in Plymouth, MI or the neighboring communities and schedule a consultation.

Shelley Schertzer has more than 19 years of experience helping women overcome vaginal health and aesthetic concerns. As a board-certified family nurse practitioner, Schertzer is uniquely able to choose the right procedure for the right patient for the right reasons. She has trained extensively in aesthetics through the Esthetic Skin Institute (ESI) in injectable treatments.

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