Are you suffering from dysuria in Sarasota and Tampa, FL? Worry no more as vConfidence Certified Doctors can provide a lasting cure to the sensational pain and discomfort that comes with dysuria. With our highly trained experts and state-of-the-art technology, we offer a procedure that stimulates the regeneration of collagen fibers, which will, in turn, restore elasticity and hydration to the walls of the vagina.

What Is Dysuria?

Dysuria refers to painful urination. This issue can range from slight discomfort to burning pain and is more common in women than men. Most women who suffer from this condition are in the post-menopausal stage. The major cause of dysuria is lowered estrogen levels that lead to atrophy of the vaginal tissues. This disorder is also associated with urinary tract infections and is more likely to affect patients with diabetes or bladder issues. Other causes of dysuria include radiation treatments or chemotherapy. If you think you may have dysuria, it is recommended that you see a physician as soon as possible. With vConfidence Certified Doctors available in your area, you are sure to get the best medical attention.

Dysuria Treatment in Sarasota and Tampa, FL

If you are experience a painful or burning sensation during urination, meeting the right consultant to help diagnose your condition and offer an effective solution is the best step to take. A burning sensation during urination commonly indicates the presence of a urinary tract infection, but you can’t be totally sure of this until you visit a health care professional for proper evaluation and diagnosis. Visiting a physician from vConfidence today will save you from the excruciating pain and discomfort that is associated with dysuria. vConfidence experts employ the use of tissue regenerating radio frequency or fractional CO2 lasers during a five-minute procedure to eliminate the causes of dysuria.

This procedure delivers a controlled energy through a probe inserted into the vaginal canal. The laser dot removes a tiny area of tissue in contact with the vaginal lining, creating a pinhole with the diameter of a human hair. The process induces the natural action of repair from the body, which in turn, stimulates cells to generate healthy tissues at the site of the dot and its surrounding area. This promotes and stimulates the regeneration of collagen fibers and the restoration of elasticity and hydration within the vaginal mucosa. This natural process of healing attacks vaginal atrophy and UTIs, which is the major reason behind dysuria. The presence of collagen content in the vaginal lining will help the vagina maintain its thickness and elasticity, inducing optimum genital blood flow and the production of mucopolysaccharides and hyaluronic acid, keeping the vaginal mucosa moist and healthy.

Contact a vConfidence Certified Doctor today for dysuria treatment. Doctors are available in the Sarasota and Tampa, FL areas.

Dr. Kelly Ann Shedd-Hartman provides holistic obstetrical care as well as gynecology services. As a member of the vConfidence team, Dr. Kelly Ann Shedd-Hartman helps women improve their vaginal health.

Dr. Ron Shemesh is a medical doctor with more than 20 years of expertise in integrative and holistic medicine. A published author in medical textbooks, he is dedicated to helping women improve their quality of health and lifestyle.

Dr. Michael Swor has trained with some of the most respected gynecologists in the country. He received his medical degree from the University of South Florida College of Medicine and completed his ObGyn specialty training at the University of Florida in Jacksonville.

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