vConfidence, a renowned medical authority in the field of female reproductive health, offers another medical revolutionary procedure to improve the quality of your life. The FemiLift™ rejuvenation procedure  in Sarasota and Tampa, FL is utilized for vaginal tightening, feminine metabolic enhancement and stress incontinence treatment.

What Is FemiLift™?

The FemiLift™ rejuvenation procedure is an option introduced to help women who want a minimally invasive procedure to improve menopausal conditions like dryness and laxity, tighten the vaginal tunnel and diminish incontinence. FemiLift™ helps improve sexual libido and pleasure and also initiates the production of healthy improved tissues that will restore metabolic atrophic and youthful tissue dynamics. This process also leads to improved self-lubrication abilities of the vagina and improved bladder control.

This innovative, non-invasive, painless vaginal rejuvenation procedure initiates the growth of new tissues that are vital due to lower estrogen levels after menopause, childbirth or certain medical treatments. The procedure makes use of the third generation CO2 laser technology to tighten the vaginal wall. The laser is passed into the vagina using a round vaginal shaped probe tube.

vConfidence doctors perform this procedure in 10-20 minutes in the office, and the procedure is repeated at monthly intervals for about three months for long-term results and depending on the patient’s goal.

FemiLift™ in Sarasota and Tampa, FL

The FemiLift™ laser makes use of fractional ablation, targeted precisely to help rejuvenate failing vaginal linings and tissues. This will induce better lubrication, less dryness, less discomfort, improved vaginal tightness and less incontinence. The procedure can also be used for vaginal cosmetic reconstruction, which includes minora resurfacing, labiaplasty and hymenoplasty.

How Many Times Will The Treatment Be Carried Out?

The FemiLift™ procedure depends on the needs and goals of the patient. During a consultation with a vConfidence specialist, you will be properly informed on the options and treatments that will suit your needs. Generally, the laser energy micro pixels can achieve fantastic results in just three treatment sessions.

What Is The Downtime After Each Treatment Session?

The beauty of the FemiLift™ procedure is that it has no downtime. You can effectively resume your normal activities after each session.

You can contact a vConfidence Certified Doctor  for more information about the FemiLift™  in Sarasota and Tampa, FL. Schedule a consultation today.

Dr. Kelly Ann Shedd-Hartman provides holistic obstetrical care as well as gynecology services. As a member of the vConfidence team, Dr. Kelly Ann Shedd-Hartman helps women improve their vaginal health.

Dr. Ron Shemesh is a medical doctor with more than 20 years of expertise in integrative and holistic medicine. A published author in medical textbooks, he is dedicated to helping women improve their quality of health and lifestyle.

Dr. Michael Swor has trained with some of the most respected gynecologists in the country. He received his medical degree from the University of South Florida College of Medicine and completed his ObGyn specialty training at the University of Florida in Jacksonville.

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