Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are one of the major infections affecting many women today, leading to severe pains experienced during urination and sexual intercourse. The good news for those suffering from this medical condition in Sarasota and Tampa, FL is that vConfidence certified doctors are available in your area to help.

What Are Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)?

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) occur when the urethra, which is responsible for the transportation of urine from the bladder to outside the body, is infected by bacteria (such as E. coli) from the large intestine. This infection, if not treated immediately, can go on to affect the bladder and even the kidney. Every woman has a high chance of getting a urinary tract infection at some point in their life. It is estimated that the odds can be as high as 50%.

UTI Treatment In Sarasota And Tampa, FL

The major signs of urinary tract infections (UTIs) are pain, burning, and discomfort during urination. If you present any of these symptoms you should consult with a vConfidence certified doctor in your area. Our doctors treat the infections by the use of tissue-regenerating radio frequency or fractional CO2 lasers. These devices provide the right amount of controlled energy through the means of a probe that is inserted into the vaginal canal.

As the body repairs the lost tissue, it stimulates cells to generate healthy tissues at the site of the removed dot and its surrounding area, this promotes the regeneration of collagen fibers and the restoration of hydration and elasticity within the vaginal mucosa. This process of vaginal rejuvenation eliminates all infections and completely treats urinary tract infections.

How Many Times Will I Get This Treatment?

For the complete treatment of UTIs, this procedure is carried three times over a period of 12-weeks. Your treatments are painless and will only take less than 10 minutes to complete.

What Is The Downtime?

There is no downtime for treatment for a UTI treatment. This procedure only requires a brief visit and less than 10 minutes of treatment sessions, without any needles, surgery or anesthesia.

Are The Procedures Effective?

With satisfied patients all over the country, you can rest assured that with a vConfidence certified doctor you are making the right choice. These procedures are very effective and some patients testify that they have immediate improvement with just one treatment.

Contact a vConfidence doctor today in Sarasota and Tampa, FL and be free from all the troubles and pains that come with urinary tract infections.

Dr. Kelly Ann Shedd-Hartman provides holistic obstetrical care as well as gynecology services. As a member of the vConfidence team, Dr. Kelly Ann Shedd-Hartman helps women improve their vaginal health.

Dr. Ron Shemesh is a medical doctor with more than 20 years of expertise in integrative and holistic medicine. A published author in medical textbooks, he is dedicated to helping women improve their quality of health and lifestyle.

Dr. Michael Swor has trained with some of the most respected gynecologists in the country. He received his medical degree from the University of South Florida College of Medicine and completed his ObGyn specialty training at the University of Florida in Jacksonville.

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